Finally Binace is Home ,welcome to the Perl of Africa I wept to see this progress in the cryptocurrency exchange in Africa,Warm welcome Darling binance

Also if correct, the aim of the Binance Ugandan project is to focus on integrating and enhancing adoption of cryptocurrency and the Uganda shilling, therefore USD pair could defeat the purpose and also considering local laws

Fiat to crypto refers to the exchange of fiat currency (currency issued by a country) for cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many, many others.

Why is kyc mandatory? I was hoping it could have the same method as with limitations if you’ve not done kyc but this one is mandatory

It's because they are dealing with fiat money not just cryptocurrency

Leading digital asset exchange platform Binance and blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis will be working together on solutions to earn the trust of global regulators & bring greater regulatory compliance to the cryptocurrency space.
i mean can be able to join binance. I just got to know about it recently. i have been upcountry

Binance Uganda is an exchange, where you can exchange Uganda shillings, Bitcoin and ethereum. It is not a cryptocurrency project that is running an ICO.

kyeyune joseph
I want to know more about dis binanca uganda
Johnny Kayondo
Wats the minimum to exchange and withdrwal

Minimum fiat deposit is 20,000 ugx. There is no minimum for cryptocurrency deposit. Trading has no minimums.

Gaza Prince
what is binance all about

Bianance is a company that runs the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world ( That also runs other almost similar exchanges such as And recently launched a decentralized exchange ( which is still in testing phase.
How to withdraw BTC to bank ?Please advise

This is not possible as banks dont have BTC wallets. Binance uganda only uses mobile money for depositing and withdrawing fiat (Uganda shillings).For cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals, use supported wallets for the different currencies.

I usually note that many of our members are not familiar with basics in Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, bitcoin and trading..You can learn a lot in a short time from binance academy..Follow the link below..
john matthew
How does this whole thing work like

Find time and start reading about cryptocurrency and blockchain on Google, loads of information there if you want to learn.

We are all here because we are in one way or the other involved in cryptocurrency. But you are not an admin/angel of Binance. So just be humble

Emma Israel
Guys can someone hit me in on all this am new
Hey Emma. Do you know about bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency? If not, please begin from the basics on binance academy.. Follow the link below..
How r you people benefiting from binace 😳 I need more k owledge

Buying and selling Cryptocurrency.Binance Reputation High volume.World class security24/7 customer support.To mention but a few.

ℓυqмαи σffι¢ιαℓ
Someone tell me about binance..What is it about?!🤔No messaging me privately....Explain from here🙄

Binance is the biggest Cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Binance Uganda is a subsidiary of binance, the global exchange..

ℓυqмαи σffι¢ιαℓ
I know all that...Explain...Why should i sign up on binance

Binance Uganda is the easiest way to buy and sell Cryptocurrency in Uganda. Its easy to sign up and begin trading..Just go to and create an account.

You can begin from binance academy here 👇

Hey guys... so we have recently set up a non-profit think tank to discuss and promote cryptocurrency developments in Africa. There is a shortage of evidence-based discussions from a minority perspective and we are hoping to address that.-------------------------------------------➡ You can learn more about our initiative here:➡ You can follow us on to keep up to date with news. Please do! We would really appreciate it! -------------------------------------------It would be great to get the support of some fellow Binancians! Thank you very much.

Regulators have their hands full and they need to think on their feet about cryptocurrency and the impact it will have to their respective economies as a whole!

Anthony Aine
Dont u hve offices

We do, but they don't sell Cryptocurrency. All buying and selling is done online..

Trading Cryptocurrency is like buying and selling anything else.

The recent advent of transaction mining as a business model has taken the cryptocurrency world by storm, with transaction fee mining exchanges such as BitMax and FCoin overtaking other long-serving…

Kigobe Christopher
Does this site teach how to trade if not what is your mission

You can move from knowing nothing to making profitable trades from Binance academy 👇🏾

What will we ever do to neutralise the scammers in the crypto space? They are so many and cloud new comers understanding the very basics of cryptocurrency!

The very essence of why we even have cryptocurrency gets lost in that "making money" definition

That's why I say we as persons in main stream cryptocurrency have a moral obligation to our fellow citizens to explain the various concepts in this space to bring the revolution to the masses, we can only do that by educating ourselves so we can be points of reference to debunk scammers

thank you

You familiar with cryptocurrency?

am here to learn about it
Hi can I deposit on Binance with another method apart from Mobile money

Yes If you are depositing Cryptocurrency, it can be from anywhere. But fiat, only MM at the moment..

You can learn from basics to making profitable trades at binance academy here..