crypto Crypto Crackdown? Sources Say Binance Shanghai Office Raided by Police

Good night Ug Crypto fam!

Btw I created a Twitter hashtag#UgCrypto

Teresa Grace
So what is the information here
Hi there, Binance Uganda is a crypto exchange platform that provides the most powerful fiat-to-crypto trading platform in Africa. With Binance Uganda, you can trade Ugandan Shillings (UGX) with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) etcBinance Uganda provides the safest, most stable, and most effective fiat-to-crypto service in Africa.To register on our platform click the video link below to acquaint yourself with the registration process.

We all have to be hardcore ambassadors for the Crypto movement. There is a sizable knowledge gap in the general public and I think the government is really getting worried with the rising cases of loss and scam sentiment around Crypto

@Alexcosta754This guy chat me about crypto investment I think he is a 100% scammerAdmin remove him

Do you sell bitcoin with current market rate?
Should you need to check current up-to-date rates for bitcoin and other crypto coins, look no further than To acquaint yourself with how to open an account, click the link below; any queries you might have, we are here to help😊😊😊
Emmy Mwami
Members how can I exchange money from BTC to Uganda currency

Hi there, click the link below to acquaint yourself with the process as inquired. you encounter any challenges, feel free to ask, we are here to help😊😊😊

Share this widely in your networks. A great video from Binance Academy explaining pyramid and ponzi schemes... With the recent events there needs to be clarity on what crypto is and what ponzis are.

A friend just told me that Crypto is now having "issues" with the government in Uganda. I don't even know what he means by "Issues"

I will say this again. Many of the people on this platform wish to steal your crypto and if you aren't vigilant, they will.

Ssendiisa Joseph
I need to join Binance Uganda
Hi there, thank you for expressing interest in joining Binance Uganda, we are a Crypto exchange platform that provides the safest most stable and effective crypto currency exchange in Africa.To get acquainted with how to register, kindly click the link below any queries or complaints you might have, feel free to ask here or send through a ticket via the support function on your account.😊😊😊
Which wallet can I use to convert BTC to UGX

Hi there, Binance Uganda provides an option to so this via your personal account.Log into your account, select Buy/sell option in this case you are selling your BTC select the coin and follow prompts. Binance Uganda is here ease all crypto transactions for everyone 😊😊😊

Hello admins and all,I registered with binance recently and have my coins seeing them increasing and reducing.Just want to learn trading, does binance have training trading sessions at their offices for new people in cryptology?

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ERP Cloud
What is binance uganda all about
Binance Uganda is a Crypto exchange platform that provides the safest most stable and most effective crypto currency exchange in Africa. A user with an account is able to trade UGX off of their mobile money account(fiat) in exchange for all crypto currency available on the platform including PAX, BNB, ETH etcTo get acquainted with how to register, kindly click the link below any queries or complaints you might have, feel free to ask.
How do you invest with binance

Binance is a market for Cryptocurrency. You can buy tokens and sell later if price increases.

I don't know y my previous point about the increase in btc price was relation to tensions btn the US and Iran... But I understand every1 here is either a crypto holder or trader .....And I was trying to make, especially the learners in crypto in this group understand the importance of news and politics eg sanctions .... War etc on the prices of these coins they hold... That way u learn when to sell and when to buy.. Depending on the changing political environments.... There are several sites eg coindesk etc from which u can get from such NeWS...Am sorry if I was misunderstood in any way....

I have asset on account binance Uganda 0.0012 btc, but i not have sent crypto limit

Example...say you have X amount in one of the cryptos, Binance will show the equivalent amount (mid-market) before you trade in UGX. Run that by Google, you'll likely get a different amount,

But, I think wiring GBP or USD to Kraken, Coinbase or is still cheaper

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Why my send crypto limit alway zero

Im never send my crypto

What must I do to enable send my crypto

lekmat ahmad
I not have uganda number

Then you won't be able to link MTN or Airtel mobile money to transfer UGX in or out, making Binance UG perhaps less relevant to your needs...but what are you hoping to achieve with Binance UG then? Binance UG is an outlet to fund or withdraw in UGX between crypto exchange and UG mobile money (MTN & Airtel). Without mobile money accounts in Uganda, you'd be better off using other exchanges (vanilla Binance,, Coinbase, Kraken, etc.) and fund with bank wire.

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Mpuuga Rocky Katana Omubiito
Yes I do have

Hi, we do not offer trading lessons but you can always download our Binance academy app from the app store or the playstore on your phone and learn more about the cryptomarket space.

Benjamin Walyomo
I suggest u transfer your Btc to your Binance Uganda account then you call sell your Btc to mobile money.

Not sure that'd be the best idea. I think BTC will go up this year. What we know...1. US residents can earn up to $200 profit per sale in crypto tax-free as of this year2. Coronavirus got ppl scared of fiat, especially in China3. Demand is rising for BTC

Munezero Boniventure
Good evening friends. Someone to help me understand the charges involved in making transactions with binance uganda.And also why the buying and selling prices on binance uganda are different from those on coinmarketcap. Thank you.

Binance UG rakes 2-3% on the buy/sell compared to mid-market. That's for their pocket. For small amounts, it's ok for the convenience of quickly mobilizing UXG [fiat] in and out of crypto via mobile money. For large amounts, consider a bank wire in USD/GBP/EUR to see if you can save money on volume. Base fees may be higher, but you may save in percentages.

Not surprising. But is crypto even popular in 🇺🇬?

The whole reason as why Binance is in Uganda is to further bring awareness to what crypto is and the benefits of adopting it

I don't understand

1. Do you live in or visit Uganda?2. Do you have relatives in Uganda?3. Do you buy or sell crypto currencies?

No, I want to go

Ok. You are welcome to go. But do you buy/sell crypto at least?


Binance UG lets you receive your crypto, convert to fiat (UGX) and deposit to mobile money wallet on either MTN or Airtel.

Good evening friends. I have been trying to trade Cryptocurrency on binance but after all the transactions, I see my balance reduce drastically even below my initial capital yet before, I was seeing some profit of about 30k.Who may clearly explain to me the costs incurred in making transactions.