Thanks binance ug for bringing us an opportunity to access crypto currencies very easily 👏


Unfortunately, either too.Please note that you can withdraw in any of the supported crypto, ie, those traded on the exchange and as well fiat using mobile money for only residents in Uganda.Other than that, no more options are available.

So i have to apply option for sell ???

Unfortunately, you lag behind the whole idea of the importance of . I would recommend that you try learning more about the exchange and crypto currency to understand the big picture. A good place to start is, www.binance.visionPlease let me know in a PM, if you need any further help.

Binance is happy to announce the launch of our crypto-to-crypto over-the-counter OTC trading desk.Learn more about why Crypto OTC is better with Binance:
Gideon Kasozi
The reason I ask is because I know Binance International (of which Binance Ug must be a subsidiary) trades in almost 150 coins and and can pair them anyway one wants. I hope someone knows the answer to what I'm asking

Please note that apparently, you can only trade the following pairs on other pairs you don't see listed, are not tradable on the platform. Also note that, is a fiat to crypto and viceversa exchange. Thus you will only be trading with ugx as the base currency.

Dear Joel , if you are not used to buying and transacting cryptocurrencies, you will find this beginner's guide helpful around all your questions. Please follow the link.
Public key cryptography (PKC), also known as asymmetric cryptography, is a framework that uses both a private and a public key, as opposed to the single key used in symmetric cryptography.Learn about public key cryptography on Binance Academy
Binance uganda, and, what's the difference? is a Fiat to crypto exchange where all coin pairs that are listed are traded against the Uganda is kinda the same but only that it serves the European market and and serves the global market but only in crypto.

how long does t take to convert crypto to fiat

Johnny Kayondo
Wats the minimum to exchange and withdrwal

Minimum fiat deposit is 20,000 ugx. There is no minimum for cryptocurrency deposit. Trading has no minimums.

Johnny Kayondo
Wats the minimum to exchange and withdrwal

Deposits and withdraws for crypto have no Minimum amount. However, deposits for fiat have a minimum of 20,000ugx, and no maximum amount for deposits, but a limit of up to 2M ugx for withdrawals in fiat.

Gaza Prince
what is binance all about

Bianance is a company that runs the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world ( That also runs other almost similar exchanges such as And recently launched a decentralized exchange ( which is still in testing phase.

I need to understand the rewards in investing in BNB or is it purely transactional?

Investing by definition means you stake your money with a hope that your money grows.Buying BNB is just that. If you believe in Binance as a company and blockchain in general, you may consider investing. Remember all investing is subject to risk, hence you need to do your research. To learn more about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, there is an excellent guide here
Murat Öztürk
do i need 250 ugx for withdraw

Fiat withdrawal, will require a fee, yes you do but it's charged from the total amount you are withdrawing.Crypto withdrawals will be charged in their respective currencies.

Thanks for the system upgrade am happy to be in Uganda and enjoy crypto exchange

I sincerely commend the Binance Team for this simplifoed easy to use ugx fiat-to-crypto ramp. I think this now fully fits in the description of a fiat-to-crypto ramp; then from there, those of us that want to take it to another level can use for now.Full excahnge features will be added with time, but this definately will work for our primary focus - ADOPTION.NB: Probably, we may see new assets as requested by the community being added, who knows

honestly the platform has become so basic. i cant trade using market price.Binance team don't under estimate Ugandans we know how to trade.Please put back the trading features of the previous version.fixed prices donot favour crypto currency trading for thought

Made my UGX deposit but can't buy any crypto

How to withdraw BTC to bank ?Please advise

This is not possible as banks dont have BTC wallets. Binance uganda only uses mobile money for depositing and withdrawing fiat (Uganda shillings).For cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals, use supported wallets for the different currencies.

I usually note that many of our members are not familiar with basics in Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, bitcoin and trading..You can learn a lot in a short time from binance academy..Follow the link below..

Is anybody able to buy or sell any crypto on binance Uganda today?

I am the biggest hater of this new Binance Uganda update. This update is taking us to the dog's or frogs even. Am am everyday disappointed when I try to login to my account and it fails simply because of the changes. I think this update was done to undermine our potential in growth of crypto in Uganda. Am forced now to use the available alternative. The trading features were very much helpful to us.

I can 100% assure you the update was NOT done to undermine the growth of crypto. My word probably doesn’t mean much to you but I hope you will believe me on this. Let us know the issues you’re facing and we’ll try to sort it out.

I can also chime in here to say that it is not our intention to undermine to growth of crypto. If anything we want mass adoption which is why we made the interface simpler for first time users without crypto experience or trading experience to get on board. Like any new product, there will be hiccups, which is why we look to the community for feedback so we can make things better.

In my humble opinion the new upgrade has increased the liquidity since trades are now executed faster. As a person who earns my salary in crypto, it's now easier to get fiat faster. In the previous version, it used to take days before my trade gets executed.