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Hamuza Mbalile
For sure it's expensive

I use Binance UG for the convenience of withdrawing in UGX for now.

Benson(BNB Angel) 🇺🇬
Not many people have foreign currency accounts around here..

I hear ya. Can UG residents sign up for TransferWise? If so, can trade at low markup for other fiat.

Not surprising. But is crypto even popular in 🇺🇬?

The whole reason as why Binance is in Uganda is to further bring awareness to what crypto is and the benefits of adopting it

🇺🇿 Uzbek

You're Uzbek? Do you have any footprint in Uganda? If not, Binance UG [this group] might not be relevant to you.

I don't understand

1. Do you live in or visit Uganda?2. Do you have relatives in Uganda?3. Do you buy or sell crypto currencies?

No, I want to go

Ok. You are welcome to go. But do you buy/sell crypto at least?

weather in Uganda - Google Search

Binance UG lets you receive your crypto, convert to fiat (UGX) and deposit to mobile money wallet on either MTN or Airtel.

Good evening friends. I have been trying to trade Cryptocurrency on binance but after all the transactions, I see my balance reduce drastically even below my initial capital yet before, I was seeing some profit of about 30k.Who may clearly explain to me the costs incurred in making transactions.

Thank you for this information. But it seems these are not the only charges. Actually as I detected it today, as if they when you are selling, you sell at a price lower than the market price and on buying you buy at a higher price than the market price. Someone to help me understand this.

lekmat ahmad
Not have send cryoto limit

?? You're below the minimum? That means you have little money in there?

Min withdraw is 0.001

lekmat ahmad
I have 0.00126 btc

Weird. Can you not transfer to another exchange?

I was contact support many time

lekmat ahmad
Not have send cryoto limit

Hello, sorry about your inability to withdraw as you have stated. Have you been able to bind a mobile money acvount yet? (MTN/AIRTEL) these are necessary for you to be able to do as you recquire