Hi to everyone.!!! Glad to be part of this.

Hi there :) Lets hope we get this feature for maltese people also :)


Hello! Very excited for Binance Uganda.

What will be the fiat trading pairs supported?

The fiat trading pair is UGX, not USD?

is Binance Uganda available for all nationalities?

The FX rate of UGX against USD depreciate a lot since 2014

Is there an old iron in Uganda?




Thanks Jerry, Checking it 🙂


一样的 错误404



为什么要用UGX, 不断贬值的玩意儿

Who has 🇺🇬 vpn ? 😂😂😂


Admin , When can vertification ?


I need to feed my family

Partnership with Bruce-U?

Finally Binace is Home ,welcome to the Perl of Africa I wept to see this progress in the cryptocurrency exchange in Africa,Warm welcome Darling binance

Do I need verification for winning 0,5bnb or just registered?

Who ises crypto in Uganda?

Those who joined for free bnb ..You won't be able to withdraw as it requires ugandian id verification

Who cares about 0.5 free bnb?? the big deal here is the fiat to crypto trading!