Hamuza Mbalile

The "Hello sir" is a dead give away no Ugandan speaks that way... in person or online!

Good morning comrades. Wish you all protection and safety during our lockdown. We will overcome ✊🏽

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What is the maximum I can deposit for MTN and Airtel daily

Hi Hamuza, kindly see below information per your inquiry, For MTN:Deposit and Withdraw Limit: 7,000,000 UGX per phone number per day For Airtel: Deposit and Withdraw Limit: 5,000,000 UGX per phone number per day

When am depositing, it allows only 4million, it doesn't exceed that why

You can transact up to 4 million daily.

Binance ug website is refusing to open is there any issue

Juliana Nyamijumbi
Binance ug website is refusing to open is there any issue

Hello, how do you mean refusing to open? Are you receiving any error message?

There is no issue at all. Try deleting cookies and cache via your browser or changing yo another browser all together. Website is binance.co.ug/en

Try depositing in phases

Both MTN and Airtel, you can deposit up to 15M on your mobile money and can transact up to 7 M in 24 hours.