Thanks let me try the process

Please does Binance use a mobile app!!

Oh thx suzan was wondering

A new here what's up

Also new to crypto

Swekere snr
A new here what's up

Welcome to the Binance Uganda Telegram Community.For any inquiries feel free to ask hereNo Binance Admin will PM you or request for funds to assist you.

My verification code to always invalid yet it's the one i get in my Gmail wat could be the problem

Teamothe Kay
I don't believe when registering an account you are sent a code via your email. Click link below to watch video on how to register an account. it continues to fail, open an account on as you can access the same service there

@Nelson55 leave me alone. What I earn is enough 😂😂😂😂. You want to scam that little. Bro your too hurtless