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TRADE WITH CAUTION..My purpose of writing this article is to make the journey of forex traders in the world as smooth as possible. Since a broker is such an important key of trading I have made it a priority to trade and give out my knowledge of trading to people.A lot of you may be tired of trading because of your past experience with fake brokers or tired of the day to day looses in your trade and you don't know what to do about it because you must have been frustrated by scammers everywhere who instead of facilitating your trading experience and they take your money away. This is because you lack the strategies you need, only those with the right winning strategies benefit from Forex trade.Don't get convinced by those fraudulent account managers whose plan is to ripoff your hard earned money. Therefore, my strong advice to traders is to learn from the mistakes of others who have already fallen victims of such account managers and avoid doing trade with them, with a minimum investment of $300 you can make a good profit of $1,800 in a week and $500 yield you a profit of $3,500 after a trading week with a winning assurance. Inbox me here on facebook or WhatsApp with +15184782865for more info if you're interested to learn more.

hello south africa friends

is any one have take part in btt sale sucessfully

can you take part in buying project?

my country is restricted

is any one can help me to buy

or help me to find some kyc photo

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Binance Adds HOT/BNB and HOT/USDT Trading Pairs

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Bitcoin is heading to 5000$

Listing a Coin on BinanceIf you would like to suggest a coin for listing on Binance, please ask the core team to review our listing tips. Then please fill up the application form on our official website via Listing.Binance does not disclose coin listing information until an official announcement has been made. You may join our announcements channel for the latest news @binance_announcements).Additionally, if a project has announced listing on Binance prior to an official Binance announcement, they are at risk of disqualification.


ANYONE GOT 0.15BTCI Need help fast Dm me @SmokerG

Hi, I have had a problem and been emailing binance for the past 8 month but no response . I lost Google authenticator and now I can't login . I don't remember my btc deposit address when I try to rest everything . Does anyone know how I can fix this problem . I would highly appreciate it

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Which is better between ETH and LTC?

Can someone help with 0.15 btc

Binance Labs AMA is live
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Binance Adds ZIL/USDT Trading Pair

Resetting Two-Factor AuthenticationIf your 2FA application has suddenly stopped providing valid 2FA keys, first be sure that the clocks on both of your devices are correct.If this does not resolve your issue, or you've lost access to your phone and you did not save your backup key, you will need to follow this guide from the desktop website to disable 2FA.If you are experiencing issues with Google Auth, consider using our International SMS Authentication when you reconfigure Two-Factor Authentication on your account.

Vatived (Binance Angel) 🇿🇦

I have done all this steps but ask me for my btc address which I don't have

Binance Chain Testnet Now Online

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