Did you log in with mobile or PC @Susan_Hillary6

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Hello anyone here who has an idea of how I can start trading using Binance

@Susan_Hillary6 I will show you how to get your Binance deposit address first through mobile and then on PC

Click on the three line bar at the top right

You can search the coin by typing the coin abbreviations for example BTC

Then you will be able to see your Deposit address

You can also download the Binance app on App Store or play store

My portfolio is similar.

I have XMR instead of BEAM

I can’t with draw from Binance, it is saying “illegal parameter” what does it mean?

Vatived (Binance Angel) 🇿🇦
Can you please send the screenshot of that

It has now worked, it wanted me to set up the sms verification thing first. Thanks.

But I might need some help as time goes since I am new to trading

Adjustment to the Daily Interest Rates For Borrowing USDT and BUSDhttps://www.binance.com/en/support/articles/360038997032

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