Am currently moving our members to this new telegram group.

Greeting everyone this is Binance official South Africa telegram group

Binance is an international cryptocurrency exchange where one can buy and sell bitcoins and other cryptocurrency

You can visit their website to learn more and feel free to ask any questions you may have

Binance is like or the only difference between Binance and the other two is that you have more varieties of coins to trade with

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Nothing is happening here????

The big group is mush better!!!!

The big group is to discuss general issues relating to Binance. here is to discuss issue relating to Binance South Africa. If anyone have any question is issue to solve. We will be glad to assist.

Welcome our new members. please feel free to ask any question or if you need help. We are here to assist you.

STORM List on bittrex

Hi how do I deposit money into my new binance wallet? Or where can I get info regarding firt time deposit?

After you log in on your binance account

Then click on fund, then deposit

or type in the abbreviation coin name like BTC for bitcoin

The address will appear which you will copy and send the coin to that address

Always bookmark in order to avoid logging in into a scam website

It nice to see binance south Africa

Hi guys! I want to share the service of auto trading on the exchange, there is a test period of 2 weeks, who should write in a personal link link

Please is Binance wallet going to support EOS airdrop

Should I move it from there

At this moment no announcement have being made to that effect.

Hi, how do I deposit the money?

Thulani you do not deposit money as with altcointrader or luno. with binance you can buy or sell bitcoins and altcoins. you can only deposit bitcoin or altcoins into your binance account.

Grant Lee Alexander
Guys what is Binance?

Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy and sell cryptocurrency such as bitcoins and other altcoins. It is like Luno or altcointrader only that in Binance you have the opportunity to buy and trade more cryptocurrencies than the former.

What’s up my fellow South Africans?

Hi Vatived. Fine night in SA tonight

The aim of the group is to assist South Africans who would like to know more about Binance and for any assistance in doing transaction in Binance exchange. Please feel free to ask any help or question

I will be really satisfied banning at you 🕵‍♂

She is banned. Please respect the group and only post issues relating to Binance. we are here to assist you if you need any help regarding Binance