Can I withdraw zar into a South African bank

Can I withdraw zar into a South African bank

Hi Mary, yes you can. Our deposits and withdrawals are currently suspended however if you can request a manual withdrawal via our CS team (only via

Do you know more details of the issue? What are the legalities being faced?

Hi Amber, we are implementing a security upgrade across all our fiat channels. There are no legalities being faced.

Binance Staking joins Elrond as Genesis Launch Partner👌🏾

Please can we ban these people.

This is a financial platform. I expect some level of professionalism dedicated to binance issues only

Apologies Alex , we are increasing the number of angels with admin rights to allow constant monitoring, you are completely right in your expectations

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And this is not from some scammy guy/girl, it’s being offered and endorsed by BINANCE! 🎉🎉

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