Sa fie undeva salvat o Conversație telefonică pe whats apo?

Am un proces si tare as vrea înregistrarea telefonică me someone plătesc bine si urgent

Ai incercat sa ii contactezi pe cei de la Coti?

Daca este o problema legata de Coti Bridge pe ei ar trebui sa ii contactezi

DhaNny EL
Nu merge. Am tot incercat de cateva zile, am zis ca isi revine, da' tot nu vrea.

Update about Mainet to ERC20 conversions on COTI's bridge:We know a lot of you have been asking lately about the bridge reopening and we'd like to update you about it. To maintain the functionality of the COTI MainNet we need to ensure a certain percentage of COTI tokens are kept as MainNet tokens, this is why there is a limitation on COTI MainNet tokens to COTI ERC20 tokens. We're currently upgrading the bridge to place a daily limit on how many coins a certain address can convert coins. This makes sure that when we do reopen the bridge, this will be as fair a process as possible to all users who want to convert tokens.Making this change obviously requires some development work on the bridge itself. and we are on top of it now. We expect this to be completed early next week and the bridge, along with the daily conversion limit will be enabled then. We're currently working on some incentives that will work towards evening out the supply disparity between MainNet and ERC20 tokens and will update the community on these in due time. Note that you can always convert ERC20 to MainNet at the bridge.

Sunt cumva blocate retragerile ?

In cazul in care stati 'pe dreapta' in stable coins si nu aveti o strategie pentru urmatoarele 30 de zile, s-a lansat al 17-lea program pentru Lending pe Binance. 💰USDT - 12% anualBUSD - 15% anual
Notice of Removal of Trading Pairs - 2020/03/11
Update to the Internal Transfer Function
Binance Lists FTX Leveraged Tokens: BNBBULL & BNBBEAR
Binance Has Distributed First Batch of February Staking Rewards
BUSD & USDT Now Available for Purchase With Visa Card on Instant Buy

⚡️Binance Flash Market Update⚡️On March 7-9, Bitcoin saw a large drop in price from around the $9,100 to $7,700. Looking at the spot taker buy-sell ratio on Binance, our data shows that sell flows were most dominant in East Asia, with some countries reaching a 0.7 buy-sell ratio during this time period. Although most other regions saw strong sell flows as well, they were more even in terms of a buy-sell ratio. Regions such as Southern Europe and the Middle East seemed to have more users looking to buy the dip, with almost a 1-1 ratio.

e ceva belea cu binance? ca nu merge sa ma loghez scrie waiting

@RRichie la EOS staking, se ia in considerare si dacă am tokensii pusi spre vânzare in Binance, dar orderele încă nu s-au luat?