Guidance for Slow Deposits/Withdrawals If your deposit or withdrawal is processing slowly, please check if you have received a Transaction ID (TxID). If you have, you will need to monitor the status of your transaction on the relevant blockchain. For Bitcoin (BTC), the network is often congested. You may check your transaction status on the Bitcoin blockchain at or For Ethereum (ETH), the network can get quite busy during large ICOs. You are able to check the status of a transaction on the Ethereum blockchain at If you have received numerous confirmations with no update to your balance, please privately send us your Binance e-mail and TxID so that we may investigate further.

Binance Adds DASH/BNB and DASH/USDT Trading Pairs


I sold everything by December oo. The heart break was too much for me to handle, I thought we were heading for 600$. The dump was too much. I lost almost 200$ or more on a daily basis. I don't trade

Even now am in usdt for some funds to rebuy when it dump and seeing it touching 7300+ and going down is enough for next dump which I will buy again and also in some btc in case I see any alts that is going up too then I dash in

Gods Plan
That one na corruption again?. He was just trying to buy the ticket from him. By rendering a service. Okay why u dey pay for filling station when u wan buy fuel?

See how you think ,like that filling station steal the fuel.He happen to get 4tickets and have 3 extra to dash out , but he kindly offer TA for the ticket instead of let me have one if he can dash him and not using TA to bribe him .Well am not taking you for it , just stylish saying how corruption start and you can ask any one that knows , that is pure corruption .

Dash me 1 BTC nah.

Kim Kardashian joined

Somebody dash me BTC please 😄

Admin, good evening. Please, how do get through with the problem of 2factor authentication? I lost my phone, and can't log in to my dashboard

Cos ETH and DASH was around $10 before they hit $1000+ each 2017