Was introduced to crypto last year by a friend, I was doing good, researching until the meltdown during December then I lost interest, now I want to start again any suggestions, I want to start afresh

Good traders making a whole lot of money in cryptocurrencies. Volatility makes it sweet😊

LTC/USDLitecoin (LTC) blasted off the overhead resistance of $62.45 and easily exceeded our target of $69.2790. It is currently on the road to $100. We expect a strong resistance between $91–$100, hence, we suggest traders’ book complete profits on the remaining long positions at the current levels.The trend is bullish as both the moving averages are sloping up and the RSI is in the overbought zone. Therefore, we shall again look to buy the cryptocurrency on dips to strong support levels.We find a large rounding bottom pattern, which will complete on a breakout and close (UTC time frame) above $91. This is a bullish reversal pattern and has a minimum target objective of $159.The LTC/USD pair will lose momentum if it turns around from the current levels and plummets back into the ascending channel.

BNB/USDBinance Coin (BNB) broke out and closed (UTC time frame) above the critical overhead resistance of $18 on April 2. This is a bullish sign as it shows demand even at higher levels. With the latest rise, the cryptocurrency has come very close to the lifetime highs at $26.4732350. This is a major sentiment booster as it confirms that the prices reached during the peak of the crypto mania in January 2018 can be scaled.However, the BNB/USD pair has rallied sharply from the lows, hence, some amount of profit booking and a consolidation in the short term is a possibility. Therefore, traders can trail the stop loss on the remaining long positions to just below the 20-day EMA. Traders can even pocket the complete gains on a spike to $25, if it happens.The trend remains strong as both the moving averages are sloping up and the RSI is in the overbought zone. A breakdown of the 20-day EMA will be the first sign of weakness. Until then, the cryptocurrency remains strong and on target to retest the lifetime highs.

Morning my people. Just an observation. I know a lot of us here are new to the crypto world but there are some questions I see being thrown around here that show we don't even have the basic knowledge and I don't understand how u can start dealing in crypto without the basic knowledge it can only lead to you soon in the long run. Secondly the fact you are here means you have internet on your phone. So if see something you don't understand you can do a simple Google search and if after that you don't understand it you can ask for clarification on the group. Cos if we keep throwing basic questions around on this group eventually the people willing to help would get tired and won't be willing to when you now have complicated questions that need answering. My 2cents tho. Have a great day guys.

Am a dedicated cryptocurrency analyst: I spend nothing less than 19hrs studying crypto since late 2015...

Time is everything with Crypto...

🙏. No wahala. Was calling you out or anything. I just believe the point of the group is to grow the Nigerian cryptosphare and learn from each other not find out who the better trader is

See you guys later. Go to study crypto.

Olayemi Murele

Thanks for helping to amplify the crypto message and invite your friends to binance Nigeria community, together we can participate to scale up adoption in Nigeria

Olayemi Murele

My opinion isn't based on TA? Cryptocurrency methodology comes with unlimited analysis such as News, Airdrop, adoption, mainnet, fomo, exchange, TA, and so on

From 15 - 24 Dec 2018.+30.73% rise. ( $3156 - $4,198) within 9days of the last major crypto Bloodbath..... Followed by -15.79% fall within 3days. (24th -27th)..... followed by +13.70 rise within the next 8days.... Followed by another fall of -15.43% within 5days..... Simultaneously followed by less than 10% rise & fall. Which then lead it back to the first known ATH after the last Bloodbath. ($4,198).....All these happened between 15 Dec 2018 - 24 Feb 2019. ( 71days)..... Which fueled many Altcoins to lucrative profit taking height of more than 500% in most Altcoins.....From 24th Feb 2019: Bitcoin continued it price fluctuations of not more +12% rise and fall for about 6weeks ( 24th Feb to April 2nd). $4,181 - $3,671 - $4,175:Which made many headlines of different stories.::::✍.... April 2nd @ about 5am: $4,175 spiked to $4,841 within 2hrs. +16%. Altogether within first 24hrs Bitcoin made +20.60% ($4,175 - $5,035)....Followed by a drop from $5,035 - $4,753 which lasted for about 2hrs. After which hungry thirsty traders worldwide saw it a little above $5k (precisely $5,275). Which altogether gave Bitcoin a 2 day sharp rise of 26.35% within 2days (41hrs).....Since All Time Height of $5,275 for 2019: it's last significant drop varies at $4,760 (4th April & resistance @ $4,8?? - $4,9??).............. Compiled by #ChiefAdmin of Profit from Altcoins News. 06/04/2019.

fomo no good, me i don lose well but my loss nah all the gain i don accumulate since 2016 i enter crypto.

Crypto is crazy investment but sweet

Do you know what symmetric key cryptography [email protected] teaches you how symmetric encryption works along with the one major disadvantage associated with it.
Investor Rekt
You need to move out of the Country and learn. How on earth would someone use that cheap format to scam you?😂😂

Not everyone should be invested in crypto seriosuly. Some never get sense for life, they should go back to school and learn more before dealing with money

if someone requesting for your private information b4 they assist should not be trust, first thing to learn in crypto space.

Been a while, misssed your TA ass😏😂😂

Abeg leave TA joor.. in fact I just want to go out and enjoy.. crypto no fit come kill me

Jkelvin 😎💪

You know how many people don dey wait bitcoin bullrun, some people don sell everything when dem get tke buy crypto. Some seff don dey stay for street cause dem no get house again all the money don enta crypto😂

Bro, if SARS see anything bitcoin in your phone, you're automatically a scammer.

So much need for crypto education in Naija, sars once saw my trade page open on my tab, it was a serious issue

Cyril (BNB Angel)🇳🇬
So much need for crypto education in Naija, sars once saw my trade page open on my tab, it was a serious issue

Exactly what I'm saying, Those blockheads trigger happy security operatives don't know what crypto is all about?

Wow this is huge

Yea bro big things coming to crypto

Where are the crypto gurus?

#Binance's official Crypto wallet, Trust Wallet has entered into a strategic partnership with Celer Network! Together they will work on providing seamless integrations and fluid interactions and user experiences for decentralized applications, or dApps.

And binance fiat to crypto like uganda own

Newly added to the @BinanceAcademy Glossary:- Buy Wall- Central Processing Unit (CPU)- Circulating Supply- Confirmation Time- Integrated Circuit (IC)Visit the Binance Academy Glossary to expand your crypto-vocabulary.

He should find others not me. I don't belief magic cash or lottery on Crypto 😁

New Binance Research ReportCan you leverage correlations from major market cycles to determine if the cryptomarket has bottomed out? @BinanceResearch takes a look at how extreme internal correlation among coins may result in price “inflection points”.Read the in-depth report below👇