Ankr announced Zilliqa as the flagship customer of the Ankr distributed cloud.Zilliqa will be the first of many blockchain projects to utilize the Ankr cloud infrastructure to run their mainnet nodes, which leads to cost benefits and better availability.This is a cool step in deepeening Blockchain technology....

What do you guys think of this breakthrough in crypto space

Bettle Crypto
Hi, cost benefit of what and better availability of what ?

Better availability of resources and it's far cheaper than using AWS

Can't sell bnb. Why?

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@Admin can i please get the link to the hourly band screenshot ?

O.k how about the daily screenshot!! I mean we can always check that right ?

Good even binance angels

Can any one tell me when the $BUSD get listed and its trading pairs to start with???

Cyril (BNB Angel)🇳🇬

You are too much my Angel, many thanks while we wait for the announcement

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Do you think BTC will go up to 10600 today?

Do you think bitcoin will go down to $9,500

I don't think it will go down anytime soon

It's already afternoon here