How can i trade. Can you please guide me

How can i trade. Can you please guide me

Welcome, for trade ideas, there is not one stop library for it, a good place to begin is You may also research relevate trade guides on youtube as well.

Is a it a simulation demo app on trading

This guys no gree verify my account

I can help you pursue it from our end

Okay make I go come..

Hello, is there anyone from Ogun State here?

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Good luck everyone, hopefully you all win this time

all thanks to your lucky words !!

What do you guys think about $BAND?

Advice to all new cimers,Research, study trading before starting else u may blow up ur acc. In short time

Gideon James (BNB Angel) 🇳🇬
it's gonna be a bang

@admin please I've been holding 64bnb since last 3month....i sold last week and bought more after two days. Would i still be able to participate in the lottery ?

On the launchpad page, you can see your overall ticket holding based on your average each day

How can you know if you're affected by the KYC issue?

What's it saying on your account page

I'm not allowed to paste a link here

The Binance article after third-party KYC issue

If you have identity authentication level 2 then you fine

And also how to get lifetime membership if affected

What's it showing on your account page