Am not a long term holder

Am not a long term holder

I see. Then set appropriate risk managements in place 😎

Do you think BTC will exceed 11,000 today?

Binance Issues NYDFS-Approved Stable Coin - Binance USD (BUSD)
k -wang
Is there any reason

Too much usdt transfer to exchanges

Thanks guys

Finally here...what has been I expectation for so long...

Franklin Ndubueze
Like seriously

It is seriously, lol😁😁 please everyone, if you can, kindly retweet to your network

Everyone seems to be in good spirits today

How is your work today?

Binance Nigeria..... Awesome!!!!

...seems $10800 is proving stubborn for btc to break...

Chen Lucie

Just because it's Binance 😊

Admin, when will binance adopt leverage trading pls?

Admin, when will binance adopt leverage trading pls?

I think they have... If you mean margin trading. I have it on my updated Binance App

Yea...I mean you can both long and short...

Is important we preach the right message to our because ponzi have beaten so many of them blue and black

All the BNB Angle in the one love

Our next stop is 10k users 😁😁😁

How does it work here

Well Binance is a global cryptocurrency exchange that provides a platform for trading more than 100 cryptocurrencies