We don dey grow smal smal

Stop texting inside the Church😬

Na ur shurch i go

Guy, Happy Easter o

Keep my shicken

Kum! @Teekay213 u using the binance app or website? Whish one?

I jst bin dey ask

Since u say ur system is down

Hen shey you Don see the win8

Yup. Had it all along man

Kum teaks, u need to post this binance link on nairaland o. Lyk seriously. We plenty wey dey crypto

Lyk seriously

Wish i cld add people man. Naija boys plenti for storiqa forum. Dem go make u lauf die. I suspect most of them b nairaland boys

Storiqa forum?

Thats wat i mean, but i cant add them or pm them

Dem dey use Nigerian English buga those admins there

Nah...try dm them with this link, when u spot them. I'm sure they use binance, cos they always askin 'when binance' https://t.me/binancenigeria

Jesus dey work miracke o

Welcome brossss

U binance fan? Adebayo Shola

Mum Admins, abeg rename this group to Binance Naija now

Cos we get swag o