He might not be rekt yet. Probably trying to learn ways he can avoid being rekt during dump

Btc don dey reverse down or nah small correction be dis?

What bounced up must bounced down 🙂.. I still see a 4900$-4950$ before we see a 5800$-6000$

Hello admin, block this scammer!

Another scammer busted

He should find others not me. I don't belief magic cash or lottery on Crypto 😁

He’s going to come back with another profile

Only the greedy ones fall for such shit

I normally play along with them to keep them busy

The other one was asking if I know about 2FA 😂😂😂😂

Time to pick up nice coins

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I just feel that some scammers need to learn join their qualification

U can't use 1999 scope to scam someone in 2019.Dem no just sabi scam rara

I am still having Issue completing facial verification on my Phone

Gideon James (BNB Angel) 🇳🇬
What response are you getting?

It keeps on stoppIng after one or two facial verification stage

Bright Osaro
On this place

Open a support ticket or chat with one of our agents via our official app.

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