Update from the Ankr official page

Gideon James (BNB Angel) 🇳🇬
Hello Kunmzy, Great to have you here

Hi Gideon, pls can I share video link to the Ankr/Binance AMA??? @officialCyril

Ios ??

Yes, binance is back on iOS. See pinned msg for link

Man Pee
Looking like a real crypto wallet

Yeah, I think everyone are getting ready for real business

Good morning guys, its crypto saturday😁

On iOS I hope we can set alert and got alert now @Ma_homet

Is oco available for non api user ?

Tot the BAKKT news people have been waiting for 2 years would put us on a good run. What's happening?

Oh sorry I tot we can discuss general market contrains on here

Dont know its strictly binance

For those get recked everytime trading on Binance . next week our Algorithme will be open for public. and everyone has 5 days free trial . For now you can join our live channel when live result is reported . Thanks