Is Crypto Exchange QuadrigaCX a Scam, a Tragedy---or Neither?Users of the Canadian exchange haven't been able to withdraw their funds for months. What is going on?
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Binance Will List Ontology Gas (ONG)

Ont ariljaalsan geed hedheniig ugsun bnalee zarj ureydaa 🤣🤣

ONG-ний сургаар ONT өсөөд явчихлаа шүү

Gehdee ene binance delist bolson coin avch aldsan hvmvvst 2 garts sanal bolgood bgas yum uu, ONT, Fetch ico geed reclamdaad bn shdee

Ong-nii surgaar ont, gas 2 nileen usluu

ONT ni ONG-nii svljeenii asuudliig hunguvchluh zorilgoor bvteegsen dagavar coin yum bn.

Oo bi ong ni ont.nii dagawar fj oilgoson ugui yumuu

ONG ni ONT-nii daguul coin shvv, gej zalruulya daa

Ont volume-aaraa tergvvlchihlee, btc up yavj bn

Ong ont awsan hun bnu

ont oosoo aimar unetei naasan ong ni Ont iin airdrop mon bizde?

ont odoo osohiin boluu ong ni unahiin bolu

Ont, Ong volume-aaraa zeregtseh ni dee

Ont, Ong-uud zuuzai holbochihloo, "Tahia anhdagch uu, Undug anhdagch uu" gedeg shig yum boloh ni vv dee, hihi

product features will have mainly two parts, one part is reward, one part is content bet. For reward part, the rate for seed users in the beginning will be 2000:1 which mean u deposit 2000 UUU can daily claim 1UUU. for content bet, u can publish any content to make people bet, for example, u publish uuu will increase 10% today closing. u bet 1000UUU yes, I bet 2000UUU no, the result if yes, u won my 2000UUU

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Dotcom (Binance Angel) 🇲🇳🇬🇧

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CELR iin token smartcontract iig ni harchihoo

ont shig usuj yu magad ont garaad jaahan unaad 2 300 huvi ussun bhaa

50 bnb r hodl hiigeed ebarimtiin sugalaand orsontoi yalgaaguim bnih mungutee humuusd ih bolomj olgojee