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Ene hayag ruu ticket ilgeegeed vzeerei :Important ReminderBinance Support will never ask you to send any coins directly to any address for any reason. They will also never request your password or private keys, and will never ask you to deactivate two-factor authentication (2FA).Always use caution when providing personal information.If you are in need of any assistance, you can reach out to us via the following methods:1.Online Chat is currently available on Binance Android APP, please go to your Binance Android APP, click Account-CHAT ;2.You can also open a support ticket by clicking here Please note that if you identify any of the following behaviors, they are scammers, please report them immediately:1. 'enthusiasm customer service' who take the initiative to talk privately with you;2. Ask for your password, SMS and Google verification code;3. Ask for service remuneration from you;4. Let you deposit coins to an address;5. Invite you to join the communities of arbitrage and airdrops.

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iOS (APP Store):

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Binance iOS App Officially Listed on Apple App Store