Ray Steve

Hi, this is the Korean community, won't admin ban users for speaking English?

You can speak English

txid라도 보이면 기다릴텐데

Oh Ok👍

But many users are not understanding English

영어로 말할 때만 번역기 조금 써요

Can you Speak korean?

Ray Steve
Can you Speak korean?

A little, was at Busan 2years ago for a conference, stayed for 2 weeks only

And I use a translator most times

What is the purpose of entering this channel?

I've been here for a while, the reason i joined is to acquaint with Koreans and get more familiar with the Language

바이낸스 덱스 링크 알려주실분~

바이낸스 모든페어로 거래가능한가요? 덱스에서만 거래되는거아니죠?

30분남았네요 모두들 성투

바이낸스 덱스에서

바로 one거래 되는건가요?

20배전엔 안판다

하모니 btc하고usdt마켓중 어디가 나은가요?

지금 몇배져

지금은 5배정도

7.5배 먹은거같아요 ㅋㅋ


부러버요 ㅎㅎ



다먹여주넹... 역시