I have waited and received the code and same thing continue to happen repeatedly about 3 times

1. Reload this Page2. Clear the trace/history and use the no trace mode3. Use the Chrome browser, if possible

Binance Will Add Additional Trading Pairs for LTC and TRX
BNB Competition Has Now Concluded

Binance iOS & Android AppsThe Binance mobile application is available for Android and iOS. You may access it via the following:Android: (App Store):


Binance will add kin?

Binance will add kin?

There are thousands of projects on binance info. Being on binance info doesn't mean it'll be added to binance.

Hello did Binance works in USA? are USA citizen allow to trade on Binance?

Any solution this problem ?

Important ReminderBinance Support will never ask you to send any coins directly to any address for any reason. They will also never request your password or private keys, and will never ask you to deactivate two-factor authentication (2FA).Always use caution when providing personal information.If you are in need of assistance, please click here to open a ticket.Please note that if you identify any of the following behaviors, they are scammers, please report them immediately:1. 'enthusiasm customer service' who take the initiative to talk privately with you;2. Ask for your password, SMS and Google verification code;3. Ask for service remuneration from you;4. Let you deposit coins to an address;5. Invite you to join the communities of arbitrage and airdrops.

Binance support any live chat link ?

Muhammad Faraz
Binance support any live chat link ?

we don’t have live chat for support right now. maybe in future.

if you need support please submit a ticket via the support system on the website

Hello did Binance works in USA? are USA citizen allow to trade on Binance?

Yes, we do support users from US and they are able to KYC verify their accounts and trade on our platform.

any admin help me

Hello fam...does anybody know of any cryptocurrency trading bot that is designed by a hardware system ;)

What does warning Symbol Exited means!?

When adding new coin

Hi Admin, I need help

Please am i ok with SMS 2FA or i most use both & google?

Please am i ok with SMS 2FA or i most use both & google?

From what I have researched, google auth is one step securer than sms auth. I have read cases about SMS auth hack, but google auth hack is theoretically almost not possible

Binance .. son of lee here can we talk about and data analyst postion

I have been repping your binance hoodie

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You caught him that's me

Actually i login with proper password....and sms code....but not ok...showing....u not using this from long time....but before 1 month i used it....with same....pls help....if any verify link....pls send to my email