Bitcoin not showing effect as bakkt news was

25000 Bitcoins r in sell orders at higher prices

Rahu Lao
Sell me at low rate?Or bid me ?

6000 bitcoins are in sell list at low prices. .. until current price reaches their predicted point. Sell won't trigger

Rahu Lao
I don't have that deep knowledge about blockchain... who knows

There’s a book called Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the opening blockchain. I think it’s the most useful book upon blockchain technology so far. If u want to get some deep knowledge about blockchain, u can check it out:)

It helps you to find next ethereum Bitcoin..

Rahu Lao

heatmap visualizes the current market value and volume of well-known cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, NEO and many more.

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​​An Upside Trap Before Downward ContinuationOn the initial move, bitcoin is most likely to break to the upside as an ascending triangle but this is expected to be a bull trap, said trader Jonny Moe.An upside trap means downward continuation that will take us to $9,700.According to analyst The Cryptomist, Bitcoin has broken down a rising wedge and now we are testing sym triangle resistance.“If we break below, (approx 10.1k) then bulls are in big trouble,” she said.The Cryptomist has previously emphasized on the gap left by CME Group’s Bitcoin futures being the force behind Bitcoin’s drop to $8,500.However, a drop to this level means 50% retracement of 2019 high move.As for the gaps, they are not meant to be filled, said economist and trader Alex Kruger.“Even though gaps often fill, gaps are not meant to be filled. Gap filling is a combination of random variations (price moves), self-fulfilled prophecy (traders assign value to gaps), and lack of support/resistance within gaps (i.e. no trades inside),” explained Kruger.(Copied)