Great! See you there in the meetup

Can we have some brief about meet-up?

You can see the Bengaluru meetup highlights

Where to buy BTC using INR?

You can use P2P exchangers like WazirX


There people are selling for much higher than the actual price

Volume increased to 33k now

Gajender (Binance Angel) 🇮🇳
You can use P2P exchangers like WazirX

By the way there I will have to buy USDT and then exchange with BTC?

What spl this time. It was pizza and Pepsi last time

And hope u cover all th states. Yet to have one in mine


Will it be streaming live?

Any admin can help me...I got block in English channel sharing a news..can u pls unblock

Nihal (LCX)
Will it be streaming live?

Sorry! But we will share the photographs after meetup on Facebook

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Has harmony trading started?

Yes. Started today at 09:30 AM IST

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