What is meant by Quantitative tradings in Troytrade platform ?

We allow quantitative teams upload or write their strategies on our platform. We provide tick level traceback system to test how good their performance is. We also provide a transparent presentation of their performances to potential investors to help identify the best quant strategy to invest in.

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How will your team make TROY become a win-win solution for both investors and platform?

Token holders like investors or our partners could choose to be a TROY Hercules as well. Through our campaign, holders could get extra TROY rewards both from the mining pool and the expenses from the referral users if they contribute to the network by inviting more users to register or trade on Troy and thus help maintain the ecosystem. This is a perfect reflection of prime broker-introducing broker network in traditional financial market.With TROY’s incentive mechanism and global broker network, a highly internalization of domestic communities allowing Troy to aim for stable client base, better supply of global liquidity and control of ecology development.

Legit ba tong mga nagpa invest tulad sa real bitcoin invest ? Search nyu sa telegram now ko lang nakita.. Just asking if legit

Alamin mo kung ilang days na ang website, kung makapasok ka sa day 1, good pa yan. Wag mag reinvest, pag nakuha na total profit, hanap k n nmn ibang site.

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hey. why tho?

I lost everyhting I invested, again!