Sunod na si ethereum

Tron and ethereum collaboration soon

Bat tumataas si ethereum

Sabi sabi rumor next na magbrebreak out daw ethereum

Di ko sire kung ethereum ba amg bnb???

Alam ko erc20 sya, kasi naka smartcontract lang sya sa ethereum

ERC20 - meaning nasa Ethereum platform yung coin/token/currrency

oo ethereum base sa ngayun ang bnb pero sa swap may sarili n ang bnb

​​10 days of Matic:Day 1: What is Matic Network?Day 2: Why should developers build on Matic Network?Day 3: How does Matic Network fit into the Ethereum scaling effort?Day 4: Staking 2.0 - Tokenized validator slotseffort?Day 5: Details on Matic's plasma implementationDay 6: The importance of CommunityDay 7: Heimdall - The Validator layer of Matic NetworkDay 8: How to get real-time updates from Ethereum in your favorite appsDay 9: How to enable faster Plasma ExitsDay 10: DAI on Plasma: Bringing stablity and scale together
hmmm di pa verified sa mga major crypto news sites, claim pa lang sya ng isang trader sa twitter, pero lets see baka may response in the future si nasdaq:
Ethereum Lord

@PRESDUTERTE adik yung kausap ni ethereum lord oh

lahat yan magaganda projects and ginagamit yan sa ethereum node .

di po sya sa ethereum

gamit lang po ng ethereum .to secure and instant ethereum transaction using Plasma side chains and a proof of stake .

Swabe!!! $1k December 2019. Hehehe 😜😜😜

dami na din ksi nag migrate na project from ethereum to binance chain, dadami use case ni bnb

Gusto kong maging katulad ni Vitalik, ginawa yung ethereum. Hahahah.

⚡️⚡️GET READY! ⚡️⚡️Steps:1. Users can deposit their ERC20 BOLT to their ERC20 address. (i.e. your ETHEREUM deposit address)2. Once deposit is confirmed, users can see their BOLT amount in their account balance 3. User can then withdraw the Binance Chain (BEP2) version of BOLT from to their Binance Chain compatible wallet.We will announce the opening of trading on soon.#BUIDLBOLT #BinanceChain

@BinanceResearch Debuts First Series on Decentralized Finance: Growing Ethereum Use Case for Cryptoasset Lending & Borrowing $ETHDo you know both the risks and the benefits associated with using decentralized protocols?

Mas mahirap intindihin kumpara sa solidity ng ethereum
Nathaniel Fernandez
Ano meron kay link nagwawala ah
wala masyado ito lng naman

Alam niyo ba? Malapit nang pumanaw ang ETHEREUM.

Ethereum killer ang IOTEX

Nabenta ko na alts, lipat sa ethereum.

Pero mas mura kesa

galing kay ABRA For instance, if you convert US Dollars to Bitcoin, or Ethereum to Ripple, there will be a small spread built into the exchange rate that you will see on the app.

From @Hedone4:1)What is the story behind your project name Elrond?2)How does your Adaptive State Sharding and Secure Proof of Stake consensus mechanism compete with the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum in terms of security and network efficiency?3)Describe the process, how will you be rewarded for detecting and eliminating a malicious node on your network? How will this node`s stack be splitted and who will get the reward?4)Are you planning a graphical user interface for a node?5)What is behind sPoS, I mean there are different implementations of PoS in the industry? What is so special about elrond’s to call it sPoS? #ElrondAMA

Miko 🇵🇭
From @jhetams: What do you think the Elrond Network's major competitors are? #ElrondAMA

Some of our competitors are Zilliqa, Ethereum, Dfinity, Algorand, etc. We have a detalied overview on all of them in the link posted above.The main advantage of Elrond is that we have the tech ready right now and are moving very fast.

From kram27: If Sharding is finally implemented on Ethereum Network, how will you gonna attract developers to choose elrond instead of ethereum? #ElrondAMA

Good day! @beniaminmincuElrond was designed upon and inspired by the ideas fromEthereum,Omniledger, Zilliqa,Algorand &ChainSpace.I have 2 questions,1.Elrond is up against well established blockchain projects,do you see Elrond out pace Ethereum in the future?why?2.How will you step up the competition versus other projects like ETH,ALGO,XRP,LIBRA,VISA in real world use case, & promote a truly borderless economy like what ALGO envisioned?#ElrondAMA

Polkadot, ethereum competitor daw.

Crypto Machine (DIGITAL MONEY)
Eh yung google?

nung june 13 yan, para may data integration ng data from cloud base to ethereum smart contracts. from 1$ naging 2$ si link nung na announce yan

Pede po ba ethereum from coinsph to binance?

Si ethereum Wala ng pasikat sumasabay nalang Kay btc. Sad. 😢😢😢

Ang tamlay din ni ethereum di na makasabay Kay btc.Si ripple Naman rekt 🤣🤣🤣

Mukang maganda tong hyperledger ah dyor nyu guys ico plang ethereum base token xa