OK! Let’s move on to the third question: 3. IRISnet team has contributed to the _______ code base, which is used to develop Binance Chain A. PolkadotB. EthereumC. Cosmos SDKD. BitcoinANSWER IN THE FORM: The right answer is C. Cosmos SDK
LaylaCruz | nERD
Ethbull? Or bull lang?

Sa ethbull po ako haha pero maganda din yung bull nakabased sya po sa Bitcoin

tanungin natin c bitcoin fund manager

ang galing ni bitcoin fund manager sa x100 talaga idol

Ready guys Bitcoin is forming bullish engulfing candle stick and Moving Average 7 & 20 near Area of Value. Expect Reversal Uptrend

Bitcoin's mining difficulty is expected to drop by 15-16% in about 9-11 hours making it the 2nd or 3rd largest drop in Bitcoin's historylink

🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 2,816,060,000 USDT ($2,818,083,300) transfered from Unknown to HuobiBlockchain: Bitcoin2 minutes ago

Brandon Lee
New world order one currency. Haha.. one leader. Lagot

Nabasa ko sa Bible my isang currency gagamitin Ng buong bansa bka Yung bitcoin na

💎#BTC/USD🌴FREE UPDATE🌴💎Yello ladies and gents😎💰#Bitcoin is still trading within the ascending triangle we have been following over the last few days. 💎We have tested our resistance region around 6900$ earlier, however, quickly getting rejected. 💎This is indicating that we can potentially re-test the bottom trendline of this formation before seeing more upside, as illustrated in the chart earlier. .💎in the Mid-term, our bias are still bullish, given we remain above 6300$, a 4hr candle close beneath this level would likely result in a correction back to 5800$ and void this bullish formation(ascending triangle).💎On the other hand, we're still looking for a daily close above 7000$ to support and confirm the bullish future

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gagamitin na ng america ung bitcoin as online payement to fight corona virus

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diri ko atm bitcoins hk

Napapuzzle parin ako now.. Diba nagkaroon ng crypto dahil sa pangfinance sa mga terrorist nun? Nagtataka ako kung bakit ang majority of Bitcoin mining ay performed by giants like Bitmain, China-based company that was worth $12 billion at some point in 2018.