Thank you Binance Angel Quir

I am BTC, full of mystery with such passion to love you endlessly #BinancePHValentinesHugot

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I am willing to RISK my life to INVEST my time with you #BinancePHValentinesHugot

Money cannot BUY your love but TRADING will exchange your heart with mine. #BinancePHValentinesHugot

Without you, I'll liquidate. #BinancePHValentinesHugot

Your DASHing smile melt me. #BinancePHValentinesHugot

Your EOS shines so brightly. Twinkles like BTC. #BinancePHValentinesHugot

You're priceless more like the future of cryptocurrency. #BinancePHValentinesHugot

LTC the world, with you being with me. #BinancePHValentinesHugot

Sa Pagibig kailangan mo din ng LTCL-oveT-rustC-ommunication#BinancePHValentinesHugot

pacheck po sa dm

Miko 🇵🇭 (OOO BRB 02/17)
Ay sige wait sorry

akin din boss nasend ko na details pero di mo pa naseen.. salamat

Sino naka masternode ssa inyo Kay erd?

denden/ Phantom...

Kano daily?Kay erd?Kasi may mga hawak din kasi akong mga naka masternodes na coin eh compare ko Lang. Kano Mas malaki bigayan 😂

Ahhh okay.Ibang coin kasi ako naka masternodes.

Node minig 👍🔥 waoowwww

There is mastornet mining that will earn the most xmd coins in 2020.

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