Suggest not to buy now maybe after holy week. I'm not a financial adviser blah blah blah and blah. Dugangan PA gd ni mit na manug into

@Jo_chiqui musta.. Hehe

Thanks admin mit is a scammer

That statement was intended for mit after buy suggestion and noticed spike that group called up with numerous offers

BTC falling from grace.

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hehe. pagod ako, pagod sa kakamotorcade sa mga politico, sayang sa gas.\

at mainit pa, high blood

Can you leverage correlations from major market cycles to determine if the cryptomarket has bottomed out? @BinanceResearch takes a look at how extreme internal correlation among coins may result in price “inflection points”.Read the in-depth report below👇

Kawawa nmn ako ipit na ipit sa gxs hahah 3147 to 2295

kaya chillax po muna hahaha.. gaya nila... hahahha

malaki kitaan during bear season if you know TA but not all charts and indicators work for crypto unlike in stocks...

Six Questions for Binance's CEO on Initial Exchange Offerings

Baka po may interesado. Pm nio po kami.________________________________________Hello Angels! Our lovely Binance Charity - aka BCF - Team is looking for KOL (Key Opinion Leaders / Influencers) to champion and promote the school projects to help with fundraising and increasing impact. In return, KOLs will receive the honorary title of Binance Charity Foundation Ambassador. Do you know any Influencers who would be interested in supporting and sharing our BCF school projects?- Can you let us know some names of KOLs who could actively promote and raise awareness through their networks?Please let us know:1. Their name2. Their social media link3. Their background / details / why you think they're good supporters of this causeDeadline: asap

Legal n ang crypto exchange dito sa pinas

Jerson Sinarao
Legal n ang crypto exchange dito sa pinas

kahit nga ilegal na forex nakakapasok parin dito. Vpn lang katapat