Ethereum is likely positioning for an upside break and ripple is consolidating above USD 0.311.CRO is up more than 50%, LSK rallied close to 20%.

a random stranger
so basically its better than ETH

it has a different consensus algorithm to Ethereum which is PoW.. Neblio is PoS and even Ethereum is moving to PoS. PoW in the long run is not sustainable and consumes alot of energy which is harmful for the environment.

Ethereum $160 by the end of the month

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bnb will be the next ethereum and going to number 2

Ethereum, last year, its price got higher cause most coins needed ETH for ICO.

Bnb better then btc lol

Even better then Ethereum... so far etherums killer app is ICOs... Binance Launchpad have that now.

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