Is it true if I send my ERC20 TRX token to my Binance ‘Ethereum’ Address they will concert to TRX main net coins?

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It actually is something it is called the ethereum Constantinople hard fork

Guidance for Slow Deposits/WithdrawalsIf your deposit or withdrawal is processing slowly, please check if you have received a Transaction ID (TxID). If you have, you will need to monitor the status of your transaction on the relevant blockchain.For Bitcoin (BTC), the network is often congested. You may check your transaction status on the Bitcoin blockchain at or Ethereum (ETH), the network can get quite busy during large ICOs. You are able to check the status of a transaction on the Ethereum blockchain at you have received numerous confirmations with no update to your balance, please privately send us your Binance e-mail and TxID so that we may investigate further.

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