Mr Satoshi

Why digibyte,i worry cos it has a big supply

Yea i agree but with supply of 21 billion i dont think it will kill of ltc anytime soon

Just buy and hold .Digibyte has real use cases in many fields It has 2 big projects

Yea i agree but with supply of 21 billion i dont think it will kill of ltc anytime soon

He means for what is capable of doing DigiByte. Dgb is superior to lots of prayers in crypto

Digibyte does not need binance at the moment one day binance needs digibyte 😉

How can digibyte reach a dollar cos i hold dgb too

Go and look at the website read about the projects of digibyte

The projects of digibyte are digi-ID and digu-sign

Digibyte was in 2014 only 0.00004$

Why binance not listing Digibyte

When list at binance digibyte?

what is the drama between digibyte and binance on twitter

Also I want Binance to list digibyte

No...first they said they will list on community vote and when it was won they backed off and asked for money and played the bots cards

Proof? Got any? Community vote doesn't necessarily mean free listing whatsoever... It means that you might get wave off on listing fees.... If they had the thing in them, they would've had free listings.... Why did BTT list for free... Why did eth list for free... Why did eos, ltc, etc etc listed for free.... Digibyte seemed promising to me too... But they haven't provided any great works as of this date as compared to their status quo

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Nuls pumping

Buy and hold maybe they will be on polispay like digibyte

DigiByte and GRS on polispay

There is digibyte too

Polispay partnered with digibyte too

Grs,dash,digibyte and xzc

Dash zcoin GRS on polispay

There is one more digibyte, it's not listed on binance!

does anyone have Wechat? add me —-> DigiByte666