Xrp technically great, Dash fundamentally awesome!

Simon Hayes
LOL. I am not a pro trader mate. Only Put in a small amount in to these pumps that my advice. can go down as fast us up

Exactly but Today is Steem mainnet After next day Theta mainnet Dash and Edo Has partnership with master and visa card

XLM is just another coin. Nothing for it to stand out fundamentally. Dash is mooning because? Anyone?

What's about Theta Dash and EDO??

Singh - [Do NOT send PM]
Avoid my gf and focus more on charts and Binance chat.I’m practising on trading for few more moths..

That's good It's means now Crypto is more important than Gf😍😜😜And what do u think about Dash theta Steem??

Dash new big update twitter

If i deposit dash and convert to another currency must i wait till dash 50 confirmation to withdraw the converted currency?

Dash pump 🚀🚀🚀

LTC is not BTC. Dash is steadily climbing

its one of them then dash mooned everyone was thinking shit i had a chance but didn't bought