Why dnt pumping any news

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Whats happening in qtum?

Bitcoin going 👆 up/down 👇 :gross votes : 589 👥

does binance supported by bituniverse?

Ribka (Binance Angel) 🇳🇱 banned !

when is the theta launch in binance?

(tg://user?id=649667995) was banned.

dar nista
lol who is talking about smart contracts here...

For just creating tokens not much use case once this bubble also burst

Anyone knows why?

Btt alsmost ready

Qtum pumping why?!

Rob Kaka
Qtum pumping why?!

Starbucks accepting cryptocurrency through QTUM

dar nista
99% coins will vanish in next years...pick 1%

😂 thats a terrible opinion. Just jump in to qtum bro ✌✌✌

Remember dot com?

Arkadiusz Nowak

😮 omg the worlds first FCA is an app. 🤣🤣

what about Pakistani community 😆

Admin ban this guy this is for trading not to discuss racial issues. Weirdo

Starbucks accepting cryptocurrency through QTUM

Guys qtum pumping pretty hard

Hhhhha. Nothing is a fact in crypto. You should know that. A "fact" already happened. That is your so called "PREDICTION")

Qtum is the moment

somebody give oxygen to #fet...otherwise i ll falldown with #fet