TFUEL it was the reason for the crypto

Getting annoyed waiting for my TFuel. Want to watch Theta HD porn

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José Andrés Infinit0
Getting annoyed waiting for my TFuel. Want to watch Theta HD porn

Even if you get it, you can’t trade it yet. You might have to wait months maybe even more than a year

Rlc looking good

this one good to hold for long

did u think guys NEO company is dead ?

thats why negative 92% from ATH last year

José Andrés Infinit0
Yes. I know this. But Im staking my Theta.

Oh ok. Today is theta mainnet I believe . U should get it by next week.

Saw them in California last year

Thought neo was a legit thing.

ang now u saw them or not ?

What happened to that screen shot?

I actually dont

Why would NEO be dead? It's functional hehe

I do however think that there are better coins than neo

So that's tough for them

Crypto God 🇵🇭
i put 10% on evg

N ico was $0.88. Just matter of time before it goes back there

Hot going to pump!

steem finally is moving

Your name is Dank ... But you need to work on your profile picture

Dont get late again now get in on strat train will gonna pump soon 🚀🚀🚀

Steem already pump as i said

keep clean this grp

HOT vol picking up fast