Buy npxs as well got my bad at 16 sats

Mine at 12 waiting to fill up. They are releasing rest of the coins next two months. If u can hold 2 months u get 10 percent every month but it’s risky. Huge supply. I buy at 12 n sell at 18 like last time

Any news about ETH hard fork?

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Toan Truong
look like HOLo

Holo huge supply. EVX really small supply 20 million. Easily can go up with good volume

why hoochain is pumping?

Hot break triangle

Hot is making us a surprise come back.

DENT doesn't want to give up. I placed a buy order at 24sats for 12 hours but still waiting.

Check out HOT 1 day chart 👍💪

You guys will all miss out on EVX. Sell wall is slim n it’s been going up last few days steadily .

Even the holders don’t want to sell EVX now. It’s one of the lowest supply coins in bjnance. 1k btc volume n boom

i wish BTT momment today

why hot is pumping??

N market cap is low as well

Crypto dada
why hot is pumping??

Lol 3 percent again n it’s a pump haha? It’s not

Hot volume rising. best buy in eth market or usdt

LTC pop?

Ltc is good. If you can hold long term $100 is possibleSoon

Yoyo moving

PumpedAlready. Check out EVX

30 stas almost gone HOT

José Andrés Infinit0
Dash will hit 100 before LTC.

They are all low choppy coins. U can’t go wrong with either. Personally I like ltc

TFUEL it was the reason for the crypto