I have already lost too much today for jumping in to wrong coins

What coins are you all watching that have not taken off at all yet in recent months?

I will wait for buying zone

It’s steady gains n hasn’t pumped yet. So if u r patient u will makeGood money with EVX

How many days maximum?

And only 20 million coin in circulation n ico price was 0.88 so just matter of time before it goes up again

How many days maximum?

At least a couple of day to a week n u will be at 2x

You have to be patient


You can’t buy n it goes down little n feel out. It might go up tonight or weekend. But surely will hit 10k sats soon run up for 2x short term

Link post the new shortly

I should wait for red candles to appear cause right now its already up 5%

Moonshot coming from link

Listing a Coin on BinanceIf you would like to suggest a coin for listing on Binance, please ask the core team to review our listing tips. Then please fill up the application form on our official website via Listing.Binance does not disclose coin listing information until an official announcement has been made. You may join our announcements channel for the latest news @binance_announcements).Additionally, if a project has announced listing on Binance prior to an official Binance announcement, they are at risk of disqualification.

which coin pump now?

Ok buddy

Bought 50% now and buying kore later

What is stop loss level btw

José Andrés Infinit0
Exactly. No one understands sound investment/trading strategy

FUd what kills out profits. Just set up stop loss n relax. N never buy all at once. Just in case it goes down u can buy more again

From 8165 to 8175

8159 here n it goes down I’ll pick up more. But I have a good bag

can we have the TUSD-BTC pairing back???

Holo charging up

used to quote price in BTC