tired of all these pathetic cockroach scammers!

Rvn on the way back to the moon

4 "customer service" guys just pm'd me haha

Admin any ETA on the tfuel drop?

4 "customer service" guys just pm'd me haha

Yeah snakes are reading in this group. We ban but they come back. Just.mark SCAM

Celer canceled?

Fud confirmed, celerx is more huge than raid on bittrex u know?😄 It wont be cancelled, 5sec enough to end celerx on 19march

EVX is getting ready to go up

RVN unstoppable 🚀

Not much volume compared to previous pumps. On rvn

EVX soon will show up on top 5 gainers. Slowly n steadily raising n nobody is paying attention. Fomo will be real

vertbase has direct usd/rvn

Which coin gonna moon next

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Volume steadily moving up too with EVX. Just matter of time before it makes a run for top gainer

Evx ia dumping look at 1 day chart

Looks like it will hit 10k sats with 1 day chart

Look at the downside T candle

Its a confirmation to downtrend

Its a confirmation to downtrend

Lol it’s the opposite 😂😂😂 if you knowHow to read charts

And volume is low n steadily picking up

And sell order is slim

I will wait for buying zone