Eos go backed to no.4!!!

Hey man, any news on EOS? I got EOS a while ago n suddenly its super green

Tht gap between xrp and EOS 😳

Why are you a robot

It is the information available on the Binance page. I also hope so.

Hello who's getting some REP? For 25BTC

Wow btt 31😳😳😳

Crypto is newWayyyyyy too new

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Damn i think there is no stopping btt now

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The US news is correct but no way it has something to do with Fetch lol.

its not correct that it was mandated. THey allocate funding for research, they make it an initiative. All countries are most likely doing the same. AI is the future lol.

Data Tank
Wow btt 31😳😳😳

Someone who please send the gif of the child celebrating. BTT breaks volume MA20 😂

and btt is 31 sats

lol,i had the chance,but didnt take it

N its not even 14 Feb, Justin is doing his thing👍👍