Storj will storm 🚀

What do u think of next resistance for btt

Let me see the control point of the dynamic volume of the session ♥️

FETCH will make BTT useless

Ethereum Lite Cash
FETCH will make BTT useless

Why so we r awaiting to fuck that guy to the moon so does btt lol

Maria Belen Scavuzzo
Mini pampi

Maria if you buy some BTC we all will se hugeeeee pampi

When is Fetch coming out?

Mauricio Guerra

It is clear that the first climb had a great point of excitement for the audience. 😂

It is not, they have problem with China for that reason

Making it an initiative for research funding is far from making it compulsory, jesus christ. People and thier FOMO. Besides blockchain is too slow for AI. Satori is far ahead and using hashgraph

Is it too much to ask for some info to back up wild claims


Hopefully the effects are repeated, a little more volume can break the MA20 and give purchase intention to many systems.

Eos go backed to no.4!!!

❌ Rekt Launchpad ❌

supposedly the US just mandated AI and because of that some shiller says Fetch will partner with the US.

Guys what just happened with EOS😳😳😳 my eos is green

Data Tank
Guys what just happened with EOS😳😳😳 my eos is green

OOOh wow mate ! that's amazing! major congrats!! EOS looking stronger by the day!