It will make me 100k $ in the long run

Once BTC goes wild

This will also go wild

As long people give attention to that troll he will continue.Like little kids... just ignore them

Luis Chirinos

Nice graphic, it's in its JUNE resistance 😍

❌ Rekt Launchpad ❌
Haha lol of course not😜 He wish in his dreams

hahahah scammers... we have to be careful though because new people might actually think... not like we would fall for that haha

Lot of reshuffling in the top 10 position In last 3 4 months in market cap position 2 to 10


You really do that?? Kind of creepy lol

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❌ Rekt Launchpad ❌

yea i'm not so sure about that...nothing to really verify or validate that

Data Tank
Yes Guerra we are killing it. Are you in?

Yes, buy a little in 22 😍 Not full bags like you, but a little.

Data Tank

Only with the trend do you know what BNB is 😂😍

Next shitcoin will have 100 Trillion supply

Nice airdrop

Very good, it has hit a rebound of 37% in our wallets 😍

☝️ i stole this cool gif today from someone lol

OMG, btc just started pumping a bit 👀