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Forks are not always good. They lift on the success of the big brother

tht's true, they can bring down projects but also bring up good ones too. it's good and bad sometimes

Data Tank
Why dont we discuss something crypto related instead

Well you heard what BCH said about BTC right? BTC is right pissed! And I dont blame him. BCH is such a troll.

Data Tank

Hello Data, how r you? full bags in BTT?

Singh (Do NOT send PM)
Naaa he should be banned rather.. she’ll come back.

I hope she comes back! was really active member of crypto community binance. and we bonded over BAT haha

Guerra are you back😎btt

Singh (Do NOT send PM)

Can’t talk about it over here anymore, admin got strict on crypto talk

Us president making artificial intelligence compulsory. Hmm Fetch us about AI. Can fetch partner with the US Governmrnt

And EOS just beat LTC to come at number 4 in market cap

It makes me sick that craig is talking about the real bitcoin and bla blaOnly real bitcoin is the bitcoin BTC and nothing else

Mauricio Guerra
Hello bro, how r u? BTC up now

Big candle, only 0.62% in BTC, bounce in EMA100 in 1H ♥️

Mauricio Guerra
Big candle, only 0.62% in BTC, bounce in EMA100 in 1H ♥️

Make a small double floor, remember that the market is fractal, patterns within patterns.

And such a troll claiming he is the real satoshi.He can proof it so easy to the world but no..... he comes with printscreens/papers from years ago which every 10 years old kid can make in 1 hour


one of my favorite gifs 😄 haha on the up and uppp

Data Tank
Hi Guerra🤓

I see that we are happy with BTT, good rebound 😍

nano gona be huge😁

I’m happy with BTT

Maria Belen Scavuzzo
Darc will talk to her

I pinged her her phone data looks to be turned off