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Hey Crypto fans, As many of you would agree, the greatest invention of the 21st Century is Bitcoin and the greatest mystery of the 21st Century is who invented it. Could you ask for a better set up for a film? We, at Atomic Network, are excited to announce the Crowdfund for our coming feature film, CRYPTO, a historical mystery / thriller film that fictionalizes the true story of the creation of Bitcoin and the mysterious figure behind it. Our team is famous for producing crowd funded and crowd sourced classic such as Star Trek: Of Gods and Men, Star Trek: Renegades and others. Now, we have our sights set on telling the story of Satoshi’s genius and revolutionary breakthrough. The production of CRYPTO is very near and dear to the hearts of the team at Atomic Network, as we truly believe in the potential of cryptocurrency to radically improve our world. We believe cryptocurrency is a fundamental component of the foundation of a more free, just and abundant world. It is our hope that after watching the film, even those previously unfamiliar with the world of cryptocurrency will feel the same. If you feel the same, now is your chance to support a film with a positive portrayal of Bitcoin and blockchain technology rather than the propaganda mainstream Hollywood is releasing. Head over to to join Satoshi’s peace revolution to free the world.

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My name Malinda Lawrence I reside in the US and I'm a professional Cryptocurrency Enthusiast, Bitcoin chart analyst, & mentor. I love networking with new people, let me know if you ever want to trade, talk Bitcoins and forex trading or learn how to make money online from home.

🍈However, this is not the only feature to support the BEE to increase to 1 USDT.So what are the factors to motivate BEE to 1 USDT?🐾The Strong Support of Captial and the CommunityThe world’s largest blockchain investment Communication platform Pivot has more than millions of users. BEEX one has won the belief from Pivot.The world-leading DeFi technology service platform BHEX now provides strong technical support to the BEEX.The blockchain service provider Blackpool rich experience in mining, cryptocurrency investment, blockchain development, and traditional finance.Under the great capital support, BEEX one will have insight into research and development and strategic road maps that can help steer the product/service toward something the established category leader would highly value.Q🐾The Give back to Community SystemBEEX one has created the trade mining models and by giving back to the community with the platform token BEE, BEEX one builds the impregnable consensus and belief on the community.Trading as a mining mode is only accessible by real identity users who have duly completed the user identification process. These users follow a specific formula to achieve their desired outcome which is to make profits on their digital assets portfolio.The amount of the reward that they are given is determined by the trading volume they have made and the friends they have invited and the price of the BEE.Through trade mining, it is possible to get more bonus rewards for users.Also, BEEX one has a regular plan for the BEE buyback and destruction. BEE Destruction breaks 10 million from now. A buyback reduces the number of tokens outstanding, thereby inflating (positive) earnings per token and, often, the value of the stock.🐾The Great Support of Community PartnerAlthough the trade mining system has offered the chance to let users get the additional bonus, for BEEX one, they have lofty ideals.BEEX one Community Partner program gives back more reward to who has the stronger consensus and contribution of building the community.BEEX one community partners will share the random airdrop and the weekly dividends according to the certain formula. More than 440 thousand BEE has been distributed to the partners up to now. Also, they get more bonus from daily trading bonus than the general users for the daily 300,000 BEE trade mining airdrop.Now BEEX one has built long-term cooperations with community partners, and they will grow and make the profit with BEEX one together.BEE is a coin with great support and consensus on its community. On the cryptocurrency industry, the consensus is the most important thing for the growth of the projects. So we would like to say, 1 USDT is not a dream, the BEE price is on the way to 1 USDT and more Make your acount and start buying bee: