Hello I do a lot of crypto I actually have a number of large scale mining operations running, and I've been involved in the industry for some couple of years, if your up for some knowledge and to invest let's chat.

Tak co lidi, riskujete trading, hodlujete nebo jste z crypto vyskočili?

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Hi guys, I know that this topic was here probaly many times, about should I worry about my fund on Binance in light of the hack? I didt find any clear answer

First of all, this is Binance CZECHOSLOVAKIA, you shouldn't speak English here.But to get to your question, Binance is probably one of the safest exchanges out there. However, if you store your crypto offline you're hack-proof.

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Some money

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David V.
To není o Bitcoinu, ale o ICO mincích

To jo, ale Bitcoin ovládá celý market. Když Bitcoin bude mít bullrun, víc lidí to vláká do cryptoměn a ICO tím pádem porostou taky.

Crypto is the future 🤩

Hello everyone how is the market there in your there any increase in people investing in crypto