I work as teacher for german, english and french

CONFIRMATION received! thanks for counting on me for this translation work :))))))))

Hello @JagerBNB looking forward to working with Binance on the Translations. Thank you for your consideration.

It would be a great pleasure working with binance translating English to Spanish and viceversa!

Currently a translator for a major company in the US and Latin America called LLS. I've also worked as an online teacher and have a great passion for blockchain tech. Especially #xrp #zrx #bat #sys #gnt

Daniel is a pro shiller

I know right. They all come in here shilling themselves and their work, it's laughable. Desperate times I guess.

I don't even want to imagine how it would be for someone to work with you in the same team. You don't look or behave like a team player. And the fact that you berate people who are trying to find a job, says a lot about your character.

Hello! I am Mehmet Özsoy, I am from Turkey and I can translate English documents into Turkish flawlessly. I have translated a lot of English articles into Turkish in the university. You can read examples of my works below. I would like to join the Binance Academy Translation Program.

Hello there! Greetings from Venice! I have just filled out the Binance Academy Translation Bounty Application form as an En<>It professional translator. Looking forward to be working with you! Have a nice day you all 😊

Hey Binance team, a translation for crypto exchange was made by me and my friend into Russian language (details were provided in the form).I'm looking forward to work with You guys aswell and help You out with some articles which gonna be translated with high-quality performance. I guarantee You! :)

HelloI'm natively from Germany but since 2 years I'm travelling through the wonderful country of Australia.Through my travels here I spoke a lot of english and it's already becoming my second motherlanguage.I always wanted to contribute more to the cryptosphere and I loved explaining everybody who asked me "What this Bitcoin thing was" and why it is safu to use it. ;)You did a really good job creating Binance Academy and I've learned so much from you.Now it's time for me to give something back to the community because knowledge needs to be shared to create an equal Ecosystem.I hope i get the chance to show you with my enthusiasm towards this space, with good work that helps spread the knowledge about this technology.I filed my application and hope to hear back from you :)fingers crossed🤞

Applied and working for response. I can always do some trial short translation for you. Contact me if this could be posible.Thank youJuan DC

Yutaka Nguyen
Do I still have chance?

Sure! Keep in mind that translators work and engagement is being monitored by the team. As stated in the pinned message, previous applications might be used in future, so you're still in game.

You got to be willing to put in work

They tried to scam trader, now they tried to scam people who want to work with Binance, scammers everywhere and i have to admit, they are smart and adapt really fast

Fab Nollo
Hello there I am new to Binance and have a quick question. Is it normal that many coins have the same deposit address?

If a coin is on the ethereum network, then it will have the same address as other ethereum based tokens and ethereum itself

ok, just read it... i posted here just to let you know. maybe we can work together in one of the next rounds. cheers ;)

Honest question: is there any chance of being selected if you haven't done any official translating work yet ?

Admin, I was locked out from Binance English because I tried to report Bitrex traders message sent to me that they "work in partnership with Binance Exchange". I was only trying to obtain clarification with a copy of their

Anthony:Admin, I was locked out from Binance English because I tried to report Bitrex traders message sent to me that they "work in partnership with Binance Exchange". I was only trying to obtain clarification with a copy of their message on the forum. I was locked out automatically. How can I be reinstated?.

i have seen reputable translation sites do really bad works before they are dont master the crypto concepts

anyway, i will also be ready to proofread any work :)

Sorry for your inconvenience. The technical team is already working on fixing it. Please bear in mind that this channel is dedicated for Binacne Academy chats.

Harshit Tiwari
Not receiving otp sms while logging in. What's up Binance

If you do not receive the SMS verification code, this may be caused by the congestion of the mobile phone network. Please wait for 30 minutes to try again.Alternatively, you can check by following steps as below:1. Please check the signal condition of the mobile phone. If the signal is unstable, please move your mobile phone to a position with the good signal;2. Turn off the firewall, blacklist and other functions on the phone;3. Turn on the flight mode and then turn it off;4. Restart your phone.

becometa (Binance Angel) 🇵🇱
Glad to hear!What helped in your case?

I left my phone for 10 mins and retried it, worked absolutely fine 👍🏼

Swapnil Rastogi
Sorry to disturb you hereBut the app isn’t functioning again

Thank you for letting us know. The team is already aware of the issue and working on a quick fix.

Is the platform working normally?

thanks buddy I just did I hope it works

Yeah that should work. If you send a small amount with a higher fee you can be included in the next block

Honestly it's all very theoretical right now, nothing has been proven or tested. Quantum computing will allow computers to have qubits rather than bits, which can be in superposition and would be able to be 0, 1 or both simultaneously.It could have an effect of proof of work style mining, but there are alternatives already to proof of work which don't rely on gpu or CPU mining

Agreed. You can do so much online today

Yeap, it's not possible not to make 1K a month. If you are working online and don't make 1K, you can sue the Internet.

And apes never take decisoins based on common sense. It's always about the emotions. That's why statistics doesn't work, like at all. And it shouldn't be. You are the ape with the huge power. you can change your life in 10 minutes, start coding and staff.

Deadly Dronzer
I too Love JS. Vue, Angular.

Hi Dronzer, I am not there to deliberate on frameworks tho. My posision is that yu should stick only with JS and refuse to do any jobs in other back-end langauges.

Customers really don't care about your pipeline and investments in training. Some end customer wants it to be done in PHP, so the agency wants to do it in PHP. The next moment you know you are running around, learning PHP. This will not work well for a newbie. And for oldies, who the heck cares about them? Most of oldies make 10K a month...

Two weeks ago a guy pops up in Telegram and says - I have a zoo of frameworks, I need you to work in all of them... I was a bit discouraged by that. Also, lots of Moscow agencies say that you need to that and that and that. They are looking for a person who know all of that -it's a senior full-stack. All you need if the full stack JS, so that you can do whatever the customer wants, excluding design.

I used to work for Pepsi Russia. And in Russia it's Pepsi who produces kefir. We had huge-size tanks, they would pour some nodules there and voilas they will reproduce thru the whole tanks like in no time.

Anyone else having issues with binance freezing up all the time lately?

If it's freezing up, probably it's due to your internet service provider. Try to activate a VPN, and you will see it working well.

yeah its strange. not having connectivity issues with any other sites or exchanges. its just been happening with binance these last couple of weeks. i will give a vpn a try

It normally happens to me a lot. And certainly, in most cases if I can load other pages, and this doesn't respond, I go for a VPN and it works just fine.You could try opera inbuilt or any that you may have.

Loredana Manushaqa
Same thing happened to me, I'm from Albania too but resident of UAE. Apparently Binance is not for everyone after all, such a pitty 😅

these are seriously worrying developments. i understand that the international legal frameworks for financial institutions etc. can be hard to understand and follow but this is simply plain wrong. for example as a russian living in russia opening a US bank account is basically impossible, it is quite easy when living in the US. same thing for the EU (and Binance is EU-based) so not the nationailty of a person should count but just the country of residence...

The one I shared on my twitter is not working, giving me the 404 error.Here's the tweet:Have you ever wanted a #Binance cap? @Binance is giving away 2 caps every week! Check out the competition on #BinanceAcademy for your chance to win a Binance cap!

But please keep in mind that Binance is not supporting TRX custom tokens. Make sure that you deposit TRX, not token(s) made on TRX network as you would lose them.

So basically I move my trx from other exchange to the eth address of binance exchange? Would that work?

Can someone explain to me how crypto withdraws work on finance?

Hello!Does Binance's Academy competition that was giving away 2 caps every week is still working? Please share a link to this competition.I was participating but I lost this link, and I want to proceed making entries