Have a good day/ evening everyone, bye-bye and good luck to all.

Hi!Greetings from Venezuela. It´s a pleasure arrive here!

Hello there! Greetings from Venice! I have just filled out the Binance Academy Translation Bounty Application form as an En<>It professional translator. Looking forward to be working with you! Have a nice day you all 😊

@gwen Hope you're not too wet in Venice :) ⛈

I never saw a official message that the competition was concluded. I want to withdraw funds but i don’t want to do it yet because i haven’t seen a confirmation about the competition being ended

even some hosting providers block south africa

Admin if you are dutch too why would they need any more men? Ben zelf ook Nederlands en ik sta momenteel ook ingeschreven.

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some one is sending me this

thanks for reporting this. It's newest phishing campaign. Binance HR team would never contact in this way. I've deleted your message as it contained a malicious link whi h someone might open and even worse, run.

Good evening. I joined this group due to the application I have submitted for translating English to Dutch. Maybe I'll hear something back from the Academy team.Your sincerelyJaron

Yes I can see that the first round has been contacted, but is there a way for me to know if I haven't been contacted due to not enough proven capabilities, scarcity of content needing translation in my language, or at least if I have been put on hold for the next round?

Honest question: is there any chance of being selected if you haven't done any official translating work yet ?


I see - We haven’t chosen anyone for romanian yet. Some languages will begin in later rounds. In the first round we only selected ~10 languages.

Yeşim S.
Can I ask a question? Having experience in translating seems important for recruitment. Is there any chance at getting the job for someone who does not have any (official) experience?

There is a chance. But it wouldn’t be likely if you haven’t filled out much information within the application or done a trial translation to include with your application

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hope this doesnt makes admin angry and ban me.. just i am asking in a respectull manner about the opinion of the members in the channel

Asking isn't prohibited, we're not that bad in the end as one would imagine. Academy team has not annouced selected translators for security reasons, however those who have been selected are already doing the translations and/or in touch with the team.If you haven't been selected now it doesn't mean you can't be selected in future. It's quite the opposite!

Sorry for your inconvenience. The technical team is already working on fixing it. Please bear in mind that this channel is dedicated for Binacne Academy chats.

Very sorry for the inconvenience.

bch fork is good answer

I think pinning reasoning on one event is speculative and tunnel visioning.

@avengerblockchain  was banned.

i havent received any mail so far

Yunus Emre Taşkın
i have applied for the translation bounty for translations for turkish language daaaaayyys ago

Hi, all successful translators have already been contacted. I believe the form said “within 72 hours if you are successful” — if it didn’t say that, I apologise for the inconvenience.

@EL_MART0 @becometaHi, I applied for Italian translation 3 days ago but I still didn't receive any reply (on the form it said that I would have received a reply in 72 hours)

Thank you for applying If your application is successful, you will be contacted via email by the Academy team. In case you haven't receive any sort od reply yet, please stay tuned for Academy annoucements/contact.There will be constant recruitments of individual translators going forward based on the applications received and the translations required.

Thank you for applying If your application is successful, you will be contacted via email by the Academy team. In case you haven't receive any sort od reply yet, please stay tuned for Academy annoucements/contact.There will be constant recruitments of individual translators going forward based on the applications received and the translations required.

and he didn't even smoke it.. that's the beauty of it

please do so at your earliest convenience.

Hi I was wondering if it is true that Binance is planning to close account to users from. Venezuela? there is a wild rumor about this... please any one knows anything about it?

NEVER download a file sent in this group by someone who is not an admin. And even if an Admin posts it, take caution.

so i get banned for >24hours on the Binance English group for calling out a scammer who repeatadly attacked me personally (even posted defamatory pics of myself) just because I said "STFU" to him? Oh well, you really need to get your admins trained better... this is sad for a world-class exchange... 🙁

Mandy Smith
STFU Is a foul word

absolutely but when you get attacked repeatedly then it is a last resort. and i'm fine with banning or muting me but for >24h? hmm, okay... even other people called the admins to ban him but they instead banned me...

Maria Belen Scavuzzo
We should always be polite, if the other gets his head heat up don’t follow him and let go... it’ll dig his grave faster

absolutely agree and i myself was a (paid!) moderator in some prominent crypto group so i know what i'm talking about. it's okay to mute or to ban for even a couple days but permanently not being able to even read the group just for a "STFU" feels kind of weird and in turn very rude. especially when you look at my track record in the group: always polite, helpful etc... and then boom. but to be also honest, this group became more and more useless so i don't really miss it. it's more becoming a interesting line of thought which bugs me: how do you grow a useful community if things like that happen?

Honestly it's all very theoretical right now, nothing has been proven or tested. Quantum computing will allow computers to have qubits rather than bits, which can be in superposition and would be able to be 0, 1 or both simultaneously.It could have an effect of proof of work style mining, but there are alternatives already to proof of work which don't rely on gpu or CPU mining

thank you DANY Go but two weeks is super long, in blue card is not faster on bitstamp even with some fees, this new sphere fascinates me, I inquire every day and I have not bought crypto . being registered on Bistamp and binance, I want to get started to understand the method of buying sale at first, without being pressed but be ready😉

I think now a days many people have left the market soon many exchanges will be bankrupt or shut down due low volume if market doesn't recover soon.

I don't agree with this position. There's been a lot of activity by institutional players. I think that lots and lots of individual traders will come through companies like Fedlity, etc. I also think that 90% of crypto will die, while 10% will survive and prosper. Everybody kinda knew that we were going to get the burst of the bubble event. And, surprise, we got just that.Now is probably the best time to buy some BTC and retain it as an investment asset for 50 years. If you buy 5% of your net savings in BTC, it's not going to result in you having any drastic exposure to this market. But, at the same time, it can deliver huge yields if BTC gets adopted.Do you think that BTC is just a scam? Do you think that it'll get adopted? Exchanges won't die, Binance and others will just transform into DEXes. What do you guys think?

50 yrs😳😳 No one would enter then as world is so fast people wants to enjoy life today when they are young, what would people do with the money when they become old.

This is completely wrong. I am talking to lots and lots of people from finance, marketing and all kinds of avenues of life. My sis has been saving money to buy a flat in Moscow. She couldn't get the full amount, so she got the mortgage. Now she's slowly paying it off. She's not wasting money on crap, but is investing it into her flat. Lots and lots of people save up. Saving 30% of your income is completely healthy. If you don't do that, then you should thinking more about that. I save around 20% of all income I get and it's just a competely healthy and normal thing to do.

@admins there is a running scam promoting DEX and stating a 10k BTC giveaway. Please warn people if you havent yet, thanks

I think binance can prevent selling losses

Notice: If you need to deposit ERC20 TRX tokens to Binance, please send these tokens to your existing ETH deposit address on Binance. We will automatically convert these ERC20 tokens to TRX Mainnet tokens for you. What does this mean? ERC20 TRX :/ what if I am transfering TRX from another exchange to binance, am I suppose to send my trx to eth address on my binance? :/ it doesn't make sense to me even

I want to contact with Binance academy, at least need to send a mail. Is it even possible??