Navjot Singh
What is bot mining

If you are referring to the Telegram Bot mining scam that is going around, please be careful. It's basically just a ponzi scheme, google is your friend #DYOR

I wanna sugest Binance to remove that annoying Google translator bar when the language to translate to is already supported.

Hi Sascha. the bounty is distributed to a binance account so it’s required, yeah

Okay, I’ve sent a request through the Google Forms and will register now, is it ok?

Hi. I’m trying to fill the google form in Spanish but it got stocked when choosing the number of hours per week. In my case the form doesn’t show the menu with options. I’m using an iOS device. I’m going to try to switch to desktop.

or just by using the google form

Vishwam Kumar
I want to learn

Translation is a very interesting mind-game. If you want to learn, go ahead and study one or several languages, and then you'll be able to study the bridges you can build to connect them with your mother tongue. Last step is to build your own bridges, translation isn't pure science. That's how much lead we have over Google trad as humans - but for how long ? :)

I think there is still gonna take some time. Google translate struggles to understand context...

Yeah, some even argue that it might never happen, but I'm not convinced. I think, like in most fields where robots are replacing humans, we will still need the bests and most knowledgeables for what robots cannot do (translating proper litterature for example), but for the vast majority and the mere purpose of understanding another language (news, articles, speeches, instructions, etc) Google translate-like technologies are making big progress.

my native language is german, and I am a membe of google 100 translate community

Ragnar Lodbrok
Any news Jager?

i am have already translated for 20 Ico projects in my language.. i master google translate. I am also great with software.. with text using wordpap and also microsoft paint if you need professional image editing.

Billy 🇲🇾
? English plz

this was english..sorry if you dont speak it.. use google translation

hello guys.. I'm a native Arabic speaker.. going to fill the google doc, applying for the program.. but got a q.. related to the "previous translation" point in the doc

When I fill the form, how many translations should i put in google drive link ?

Please add your previous translations (announcement, white paper, etc) as a proof of experience. You can upload your translations to google drive and send us an accessible link.

Иван Иванов
Friends, maybe someone faced a similar problem and decided it - it’s impossible to connect to the exchange through a Windows client. After entering the captcha (at best) you are prompted to reboot and try again.

Hey man. I have had similar problems in recent months. The problem most of the time was with not having the lastes update of the windows client, which is weirdly tough to get to (ofc i tried the link on the binance support site). Two other things fixed this issue for me. 1. a werid Internet explorer update. Not at all important what browser you're using. The client crashes if internet explorer (of all things) isnt up to date. 2. I,ve been reaching google authenticator step and then it rashes. That was because of some out of synch clocks on my machine and google account. This step is just a bonus because I've had other applications that an out of synch clock was the culprit, and the programs in question were not at all connected to clock usage etc (so last thing someone thinks about). Hope it helps. Btw where are you from?

as a turkish guy i can say that binance's turkish page is awful and looks like google translate is used for the translation of the website

Hello there binance team.I have submitted a couple of translations on academy and shared my google docs link but nobody looked at it for weeks!

Is it 4x faster than regular pc? a google research post from 2015, they discovered that quantum computing can result in performance 100 million times that of a regular computer

Thought so... It comes with a Google form. Thanks for the info 😉

Hi Binance Academy Admin...I've just submitted my Indonesian Translation Bounty Application form. and also here is the link to my Google doc.