And i see a lot of mods herests awesome. Ill checkout the website

Thank you 😁 feel free to submit some feedback or even your own content or requests for future content

Are we going to learn blockchain development

it's all up to users. Feel free to suggest topics you would like to see on the Academy :)

Great job binance

🙏 Thank you. Any and all feedback is welcome. Feel free to make requests for content, or submit feedback about the website

Hello Am Molupe Philemon from Ladybrand Free State South Africa. Happy to be here

Philemon Molupe
Hello Am Molupe Philemon from Ladybrand Free State South Africa. Happy to be here

Welcome! happy to have you here. please feel free to provide any feedback on Binance Academy

Antoine Antoine
np! 👍

Feel free to submit some other terms you'd like to seeing the glossary as you think of them - maybe via the feedback form on the site is best so this chat doesn't get filled up

Jager (Binance)
We believe education should have no barriers. Everyone should have access to it

The only way to take a fear World is about the Blockchain Education, and it`s not free because has so much value that is priceless

Michael (BNB Angel) 🇩🇪
Scam Group? Which one?

idk i had another group also named binance academy with like 4.9k ppl and everyone was talking bout free eth

Feel free to provide us suggestions and feedbacks.

When Silicon Valley office ? I will work for free.

How does one signup for the Binance academy

You don't need to register an account. The content on Binance Academy is free for everyone!

If you're interested feel free to PM me or @JagerBNB

and all this for free? 😜 I hope that Binance would give at least its cool T-Shirts...

Official bimance telegram hacked and scamming people.with free ETH give away beware

YES it hacked scammers removed me for pointing out the scam I'm sure binance would do that or give away free eth

by the way, people beliving that such a thing as free-ETH giveaway exists , deserve to be scammed...

If you wish to trade Ripple, feel free to trade directly on

Optimus Prime
I was use shit word. That's the reason👤👤👤👤👤

Right, then you've answered your own question! Please be polite and observe the etiquette rules. Unfortunately bans are final, but feel free to participate in our other groups if you observe the etiquette :)

Yeah sure it does. Haha thnx. I need them in my wallet for 7.3% . Ill keep it this way. Still happy with 9K free. Thnx for helping me out!👍

We want to provide free access to education for everyone! If you haven't already check out the site.

And I have free time to translate for yours

Bit Coin
What about AE token migration? Will Binance support it?

Please wait for an official announcement and FYI this is not the right place to ask. Feel free to join @BinanceExchange

Please do not share this type of links in any group and feel free to ask any of the admins privately.

So I got a deposit into my account which is not my doing

If you think that someone might wrongfully credited your address, then feel free to send it back.Make sure that this "deposit" does not come as a commission from our referral program or token distribution (see Distribution history) - because it's something you're eligible to get.

Feel free to check this article to understand the meaning of Hard Fork and It’s types and to also understand what is going on with Bitcoin Cash

Create an account on coinbase pro. Send the money to coinbase pro. Takes two weeks but its free. Use a limit order to buy bitcoin. Its free +miner fee then send bitcoin to binance

Andy Golyanov
well, it's my favorite thing. Come to Moscow and taste it yourself.

Yeah, I have water and milk kefir... but you should not buy it, it’s supposed to be free 😂

getting kefir for free, hmmmmmmm,

I would not mind that, TBH))) But, in return, the economy ll be over the barrel, coz it's not natural for anything to be free.

Well, you get the little nodules for free cause they reproduct like hell... and with that you make the kefir

Anyone else having issues with binance freezing up all the time lately?

Anyone else having issues with binance freezing up all the time lately?

If it's freezing up, probably it's due to your internet service provider. Try to activate a VPN, and you will see it working well.

Hi! I just saw the great video "what is cryptocurrency?" Is it free to show and use? I have a little project myself and would love to use this video to inform more people about cryptocurrencies.

Can any person study the front end developer irrespective of whether they have no formal science knowledge Or not well schooled??

Anyone can study front end 🙂 I taught myself in a few months. There’s man great sites that offer free courses to learn the basics. Start with html & css

No binance indonesian 😭

Feel free to apply to the Angel program. Who knows, maybe you could become the very first Indonesian Angel 😊