Anderson Amorim
Guess what, they're rich because they save.

nope, there are two types of rich people - the ones who inherit, then yeah, it's true. And there's the people who become rich through their efforts, balls and persevergence.

I mean, if you are making 1K a month, you can't be poor anymore. You can drink out, you can buy some stuff for gal or lad, you can buy some decent clothes. Then, you can continue developing.

It's for statistics. Here's a piece of statistics. I am a very polite person. Two months ago I got confronted by a jerk, I kicked with the knee into his balls. He fell on the ground in the store, I stepped over him, paid my stuff and moved on. This is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. But this happened. No statistician will every be able to do anything with it. Humans are not data clusters. Humans are veeery unpredictable apes.

And apes never take decisoins based on common sense. It's always about the emotions. That's why statistics doesn't work, like at all. And it shouldn't be. You are the ape with the huge power. you can change your life in 10 minutes, start coding and staff. these sites official or fake

I live in a city that every time there’s rain or some energy peak due to heat goes on, lights go off

Binance & PAX Jointly Offer a Zero Maker Fee Promotion!

Thanks to Binance for supporting our efforts. This is a world 1st 🙂

Rukshan Manorathna
A scam page about a Binance competition has been dectected. Could I DM the link to the Admins? Is there any admin?

These fake groups are spreading lately.. Shouldn't binance be able to contact telegram officials and shut down such groups?!

There are however two rules that all should follow.1) Binance Staff and Angels will never PM you first2) If there's a competition, it's first announced on or some major Binance social accounts. If it's not there - you can rest assured it's fake.

unfortunately, greed switches off the brain...

sorry I was just going off your display name 🙂

@admin this Orel Anderson is a scammer, tried yesterday on another channel with totally different set of pictures in profile. take care!

Please do not trust any posts for airdrops,giveaways etc that are not posted on official news sections for Binance

Quite different things 🙂 but yes we will support it

Can any person study the front end developer irrespective of whether they have no formal science knowledge Or not well schooled??

Anyone can study front end 🙂 I taught myself in a few months. There’s man great sites that offer free courses to learn the basics. Start with html & css

Official Binance CommunitiesAnnouncements: Exchanges: (English) (English/Languages of Uganda)Other Languages: Info:English: Academy:

Official Binance CommunitiesAnnouncements: Exchanges: (English) (English/Languages of Uganda)Other Languages: Info:English: Academy: