Are there any projects from Binance for popularization cryptocurrency in Russia now? I can help.

Like the whole idea of the cryptocurrency

Tyler Durden
just wanted to say this is such an exciting idea. binanace+CZ+the rest of the team are such an inspirational force in crypto and im looking forward to diving in)

Thank you for the kind words! we hope to evolve academy into an expansive educational platform which covers every topic in depth that you could want to know about cryptocurrency and blockchain!

Mr Quang

Hey 🙂 Welcome to Binance Academy. If you haven’t already you should check out the website to learn all about blockchain and cryptocurrency!

😉Hello friends! I'm very glad that now we have a place where you can get quality knowledge about the blockchain and cryptocurrency

Ejeh Enoch

Hi, please visit and make an account. Then you can transfer your cryptocurrency to your account and trade on the exchange.

TRUE or FALSE. Can the world Government stop Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technology??

TRUE or FALSE. Can the world Government stop Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technology??

I want a video from Binance Academy to buttress my argument with my friends why Government can't stop Cryptocurrency technology. Since my friends are big fans of Binance

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I will do my best, but there has been an overwhelming response 🙈

I hope you guys will consider about Romanian, even tho is not on the list. We are after all the second country after Turkey in the top owners of cryptocurrency :P

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Hi! I just saw the great video "what is cryptocurrency?" Is it free to show and use? I have a little project myself and would love to use this video to inform more people about cryptocurrencies.