Aswin Adam
is this anyhow related to binance

Yess. They do programs and videos and are developing ways to give more knowledge about crypto currency and blockchain

TRUE or FALSE. Can the world Government stop Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technology??

when BNB burned?
Hi, the date won't be announced in advance. However, you can learn about coin burns here:
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I will do my best, but there has been an overwhelming response 🙈

Hello there!Just submitted my application for Indonesian. You won't be able to find many EN-ID professional translators who understand about crypto and blockchain. Since many Indonesians are also trading in Binance, I believe it'd be helpful if they can get Binance's UI in Indonesian. But anyway, I do not want to promote myself much, just drop me a message if you think I am qualified. Would love to help!

Hello, I have worked as a translator with an architectural firm in Turkey, can I add this as my experience in the application form or does the experience we can add have to be about blockchain stuff?

Bedo (Binance Angel) EG
No, this is the official Binance Academy group.

Oğuzhan[MOD]:Hello, I have worked as a translator with an architectural firm in Turkey, can I add this as my experience in the application form or does the experience we can add have to be about blockchain stuff?

Hello guys, I really wanna join the wonderful Binance community and help to contribute to the adaption of Blockchain

shd it be related to the blockchain/crypto, or just previous translations regardless the field.

Just put whatever you have related to blockchain

Currently a translator for a major company in the US and Latin America called LLS. I've also worked as an online teacher and have a great passion for blockchain tech. Especially #xrp #zrx #bat #sys #gnt

I've studied all the insights on blockchain from a technical analysis view on its coins, to real life application and usage I strongly believe this is the future and it would be great to be a part of it here.

Are the transactions on the blockchain yet? Did your online wallet give you a transaction ID? If not you'll have to talk to them...

Sergio Lopez
Yes they do but idk how to get them confirmed

If they are on the blockchain, then you'll have to wait for them to be confirmed. Search for the transaction ID on the relevant block explorer and you'll see their status...

@avengerblockchain  was banned.

Speaking of forks. Did you know that Academy has covered the topic?
Feel free to check this article to understand the meaning of Hard Fork and It’s types and to also understand what is going on with Bitcoin Cash

Maybe the blockchain is decentralized, but bounties aren't!

2 hours ago I sent 112.6363625 Stellar(XLM) Blockchain to binance.Unfortunately i forgot to fill memo id before transaction.As a result blockchain showing these transaction successfully confirmed and already took my 112.6363625 XLM.But 112.6363625 XLM still didn't add on my binance account for forgetting to fill memo id.
Your transaction is stuck in the mempool right now can see here that there was a large increase in the mempool size today. In regards to that The average fees needed right now to be included inNext Block Fee: fee to have your transaction mined on the next block (10 minutes). $0.633 Blocks Fee: fee to have your transaction mined within three blocks (30 minutes). $0.616 Blocks Fee: fee to have your transaction mined within six blocks (1 hour). $0.40
Please look at the last 2 transaction on this

This isn’t the place for Binance Exchange support. It’s likely that the TRX blockchain is just under a lot of load right now though

Hey! Does anyone know about quantum computers? Is it true that could leave blockchain obsolete?

I am copywriting for people in blockchains and i make like way way more than that, and I am still just getting my game started in coding. all about consensus algorithms on Binance Academy!Available in 15 languages 😄

Im just thinking, with this kind of problems... how can we make crypto available? Would we have to fix this issues first or try to make blockchain more ecological?

@admin when dpositing XLM to Binance a memo is required. Is it a TEXT memo or an ID memo? (transferring from

Farman Elahi
Yeah but if I want to move my trx from another exchange to binance, should I go with just trx deposit address? Is that ok? Why there is a note of send erc20 trx to eth address? That makes me a bit confused and scared to not loss them. Please guide

You should first check what type of TRX is supported on selected exchange and then choose desired address to deposit your TRX.If it's TRX ERC20 (so called token based on ETH blockchain) then choose ETH deposit address, if it's TRX Mainnet, then choose TRX deposit address.