Hello can anyone say what makes bitcoin better than stable tether coin??

Bitcoin is highly voltaile crypto. But tether is stable value coin. What makes bitcoin and altcoin compartively way better than tether??

or explained that your bitcoins are not files inside your PC...

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Hi, can someone from here confirm if either of these two telegrams are really CZ? @cpzhoa or @cz_binance Xbi bitcoin are saying he joined their telegram

BNB48 Ian🎤
I think you want to say @cpzhao

Yes. I got answer @cpzhao is real one..bitcoin incognito shiller staged the whole thing. Someone followed by cz got a retweet on something with xbi tagged in it, then some said join our telegram, then fake cz joined.

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Binance Will Support the Upcoming Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork

Just submitted my request as well, haha.Great to see some known Bitcointalk faces around here!

Other than that, I translated a book on Bitcoin and I write about economics in the crypto-space

where do you guys take jobs from? except bitcointalk

i taught satoshi nakamoto to encode bitcoin

HelloI'm natively from Germany but since 2 years I'm travelling through the wonderful country of Australia.Through my travels here I spoke a lot of english and it's already becoming my second motherlanguage.I always wanted to contribute more to the cryptosphere and I loved explaining everybody who asked me "What this Bitcoin thing was" and why it is safu to use it. ;)You did a really good job creating Binance Academy and I've learned so much from you.Now it's time for me to give something back to the community because knowledge needs to be shared to create an equal Ecosystem.I hope i get the chance to show you with my enthusiasm towards this space, with good work that helps spread the knowledge about this technology.I filed my application and hope to hear back from you :)fingers crossed🤞

Hi hello quick question I’m a first time miner and I have like 3 sites where I have bitcoins and some of the sites require to get referrals before I can withdraw them. Please can some one help me.

@bitcoin4brasil @layer1gfx @GianmariaPesce please read pinned message.

thanks for your promptly answer. luckily i got a lot of work, but obviviously Binance is always a winner, no will be a pleasure to work for it.

I can assure you that the project is legitimate. I do not know where you usually translate, but they are looking for people other than those who translate to BitcoinTalk or other forums. Then maybe you do not know them.They probably still face some problems, since the project is giant. Maybe one of the biggest ever made. And so the clarity of communication with those who were selected is not so good. But they are only in the first few weeks and new opportunities must arise.

Further Information Regarding the Upcoming Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork
Please focus on Binance Academy talks on this channel. For general chit chat visit @binanceexchange Also, all information needed in regards to the fork is here:
Feel free to check this article to understand the meaning of Hard Fork and It’s types and to also understand what is going on with Bitcoin Cash
Binance Has Distributed Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHABC), Bitcoin Cash SV (BCHSV) and Will Open Trading
Simran Kaur:Simran Kaur:I have written an article which will offer clarity in the current scenario. Please, have a look.

When you have so much money to buy all the bitcoin of all exchanges and hold 😂

Create an account on coinbase pro. Send the money to coinbase pro. Takes two weeks but its free. Use a limit order to buy bitcoin. Its free +miner fee then send bitcoin to binance